Gaither Vocal Band & Signature Sound return to NQC

Gospel Music Update has the story; the Gaither Vocal Band and Signature Sound will be at NQC 2008. NQC VP Clarke Beasley, who runs the day-to-day operations of the office, stated that they will be doing a showcase featuring songs from their Together project on Thursday, and they will also be appearing on the Friday night concert lineup.

Gaither commented:

It’s no secret that I love Southern Gospel Music. It’s an important part of my childhood and my musical heritage, so naturally there are few things that warm my heart quite like hearing four singers and a piano rev it up! In my mind, the only thing better than a great gospel quartet is a whole week full of them! So I’m looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the National Quartet Convention with great anticipation. It is always a wonderful time to hear lots of great quartet music and connect with old friends.

This is good news for Gaither, for NQC, and most of all, for the fans. There was a possibility that the genre would split into sub-genres, Gaither Gospel and Southern Gospel. But this should go a long way toward closing that breach, and our genre will be stronger as a result.

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  1. Now if they would just move the thing to the summer when most people can go.

  2. Daniel,

    This is GREAT news! I have missed these 2 quartets at NQC. This will bring back some excitement that’s been missing. I can hardly wait.

  3. I think this will really improve attendance. And with the fan awards being on Saturday night, I’m really thrilled about my Thursday – Saturday tickets!!

  4. Last time I remember the GVB at NQC was 2002. EH&SS was there last, I think, at the 2003 NQC. This is a good move for both parties involved.
    Both this and the fan awards move were discussed regulary on many blogs as a way to improve NQC. It’s encouraging to know that the NQC board listens to the fan’s suggestions.

  5. GVB’s last appearance was 2003. EHSS made a Wednesday night appearance in 2005.

  6. Quaid: I don’t mean this hateful, but, do you really think the NQC board listened to the fans? I don’t know, just asking. I think they listen to their pocket-book.