CD Review: “Journey of Joy” (Karen Peck and New River)

Featuring the recent #1 song, “Last Night,” this is an excellent project. No wonder it’s been nominated for a Grammy! From the upbeat “Hey” to the slower-paced “Where the Dirt Road Stops,” this CD is full of life and hope and joy! I have followed Karen Peck & New River since they started their group in 1991 and, although I’ve loved every lineup they’ve had, they just keep getting better.

Karen and John Darin Rowsey co-wrote “Hey” and “Faith,” and Joel Lindsey teamed with Karen and John Darin to write “When the Stone Rolled Away.” Susan Peck Jackson and Rebecca Peck wrote the title song, “Journey of Joy.” Other songwriters who contributed to this project were Ronny Hinson, Jeff Steele, Kyla Rowland, and Gerald Crabb.

My favorite song on the project is “Then He Moved,” written by Jeff Steele and Cindi Ballard. Devin does an excellent job conveying the message of that song in the way he sings it. If that song was released as a single, I think it would easily make its way to the top of the charts. Other favorites include “Whispered Prayers” (also co-written by Jeff Steele), “Faith,” and “Behind the Line of Grace.” Thirty-second clips can be listened to on their website:

~Sony Elise

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