Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 1: The Kingsmen

For as long as I’ve done this blog, every year I’ve done a twelve days of Christmas series, offering gifts I would give various Southern Gospel groups and organizations, if it was within my power.

This year, I’ll start with the Kingsmen Quartet. This past year has been challenging for them, as they’ve struggled through losing some key personnel, as well as the death of past member Jim Hamill, who put the Kingsmen on the map and would appear with the group occasionally.

This year, if I could give them any gift, I would fill the vacant piano bench at their group with former Kingsmen pianist Andrew Ishee. If there ever was a “next Anthony Burger” whose last name was not Holt, it would be Ishee. Many are familiar with his performances with the Palmetto State Quartet; if you never got to see him with the Kingsmen, check out this video of a 1998 NQC appearance with the group.

I think bringing him back would be quite a boost for the group, so that would be the Christmas present I would give them.

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  1. That would be absolutely awesome. Great gift!

  2. I wonder if Holt ever considered leaving the Perrys to join the Kingsmen.

  3. Going from the Perrys to the Kingsmen would be a step down.

  4. That is a matter of opinion…the Kingsmen still have it!