Gaither to release new Homecoming titles

In February, the Gaithers will be releasing the two latest installments in their Homecoming series. Homecoming Picnic and A Campfire Homecoming are set to release on February 5. Sound clips from the projects can be found here and here. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] The most notable aspect of the song selection seems to be that A Campfire Homecoming features no less than four songs performed by the Gaither Vocal Band, including three in a row (“Lead Me to the Rock,” “Mansion over the Hilltop,” and “Can’t Stop Talking About Him.”)

The projects are described as having “all the elements of the perfect picnic, complete with warm conversation at the dinner table, fun and games, and lots of great singing around the campfire.” The projects were filmed at the Wilson County Fairgrounds / Fiddler’s Grove in Franklin, Tennessee.

If I’m not mistaken, I think the big Gaither promotional push is going to come later in the spring, when the final two of the four videos from the 200+ artist taping in February release. Even though the two hymns DVDs mostly featured familiar Homecoming faces, I’ve heard fans of some of the groups that made their first Homecoming appearance there express a hope that those two projects will feature some of those new faces.

But whatever may happen later in the year, these campfire releases appear to be a nice change of pace in the Homecoming series.

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