An Interview with Roy Webb

I recently had the opportunity to interview Roy Webb; click here for a formatted pdf of the interview. For more information about his current activities, visit [EDIT, 6/18/12: Broken link removed.]

A highlight:

Q. You had your first concert a few weeks ago. How did that go? How busy has your schedule since been?

A. My first concert went really, really well! It was just a good feeling to get out there and see the fans again, playing the piano for people is what I do, so, it felt great to share what I do with all of the people who were there that night.

Since then, my schedule has been hectic-in a different way! I knew this solo thing was going to be ALOT of work-and believe me it is-but, now I am responsible for EVERYTHING! So, I am busy with everything from ordering product, to maintaining my website, handling dates, mailing out website orders, coming up with new musical ideas, practicing, writing new jokes and comedy material, the list goes on….AND on top of that-just trying to be a good Dad and Husband. Wow….no wonder I’m tired everyday!

Click here for the rest of the interview.

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  1. Great interview Daniel.

  2. Awesome, I loved the interview. Thanks for sharing it..

  3. You’re welcome–it was fun doing it!

  4. Daniel, thanks for interviewing Roy. He is one of my favorites. I saw that he had done an interview with you on his “webb” mail today.

  5. Very good interview, Daniel!

  6. Thanks!

  7. Thanks for providing us with this interview. It’s really good to hear thoughts and insights from Roy that we don’t get from his website.

    I really pray that he’s successful as a solo artist (although he’s been appearing a lot with the Booth Brothers).

  8. Great Interview Daniel. I really enjoyed reading it.