Twelve Days of Christmas, Day 5: The Inspirations

Thank you so much for the welcome, Daniel. You’ve definitely helped one of my Christmas wishes to come true and I am so looking forward to contributing to this blog.

In thinking over groups I’d like to bless this Christmas, I would love to do something wonderful for The Inspirations. After serving the Lord for over forty years, they deserve a special treat. This year, there are two gifts I would give to them. 1) I would bring Matt’s nephew home from Iraq and 2) I would give Archie completely healed vocal chords and the strength to serve the Lord another forty years.

~Sony Elise

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  1. Great gifts!

  2. Welcome, Sony! Nice debut!

  3. I was wondering what was going on with Archie. More info?

  4. Very nice, Sony! I look forward to your posts.

  5. Paul, Due in large part to Archie’s vocal troubles, he’s had to pull back in many of their concerts to letting another tenor carry a good part of the burden, and only doing selected solos.

  6. I remember it being that way at NQC this year…