Song Garden parting Peaceful

Chuck Peters contacted David Staton and Lynn Keffer concerning the Song Garden split. David said: “I do want you to know that this is a peaceful parting.  No one is mad at anyone.” Lynn re-affirmed that Nick Bruno wanted to devote more time to artist development.

I have two observations. First, perhaps because his future plans may not be set, none of the press releases and articles make any more than a brief mention of the fact that Robbie Hiner will be leaving to pursue other interests. I think he was as big a part of the the label’s succcessful launch as Nick Bruno was, in part because he played a major part in bringing in the groups that have caused me, at least, to pay attention to the label – the Old Time Gospel Quartet, the Chuck Wagon Gang, and the Classic Imperials.

Second, it’s nice to see that the parting was evidently amicable. In all likelihood, the Keffers and Nick and Robbie had different ideas about where to take the label and chose to peacefully go their separate ways.

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  1. Does anyone know what Robbie is doing since leaving Song Garden?

  2. I do not know.