2007: Songs of the Year

I considered writing a post on the best songs of the year. But while it’s possible to measure a group, an album, and even a particular version of a song by objective criteria, in the end it’s nearly impossible to objectively identify individual songs as the best.

So I decided to take a more relaxed approach to this post. These are my favorite songs from 2007 – the songs I personally consider to be the best released this year.

  1. Once Upon a Cross (Marty Funderburk, Gina Boe). From the first time I heard the Mark Trammell Trio’s rendition of this song (on the album Once Upon a  Cross), I’ve thought it had the potential to be Mark’s “We Shall See Jesus”
  2. Look No Further (Kyla Rowland). While the structure of this song (a story song with four verses, then a chorus) is a little unusual for the Southern Gospel genre, the Perrys pull off a rendition that does justice to this magnificent lyric.
  3. I Have Been Changed (Jeff Steele, Earl Galloway). With the possible exception of “I Stand Redeemed,” this was the greatest song Legacy Five released during the group’s Roger Bennett years.
  4. Last Night (Marcia Henry). This energetic #1 hit has become what it deserved to be – Karen Peck & New River’s biggest song since “Four Days Late.”
  5. What We Needed (Dianne Wilkinson). This is probably the best Dianne Wilkinson song introduced this year, and the Kingdom Heirs do a great job with it on True to the Call.
  6. Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin (Barbara Huffman, Gary Casto). Though the project on which the Hoppers recorded the song (The Ride) came out in 2006, it is still their current project.
  7. I Know I’m Going Home (Jeff Stice). The Triumphant Quartet picked this song to close their most recent major release, You Gotta Love It. It’s a good enough song that its many turnarounds / encores don’t get old quickly.
  8. I Have Not Forgotten (Lance Carpeter). This is the best song the Inspirations released in years. It’s so good that even many fans who typically don’t care for their sound admitted they liked the song.
  9. It Means Just What it Says (Rodney Griffin). This tongue-twister is likely to stay a major part of Greater Vision’s repertoire for years.
  10. The Potter Knows the Clay (Marcia Henry, Allie LaPointe). I’ve talked to several people who’ve heard sets by the Perrys within the last few months, and the typical comment I get is that this is the song that they most remember. It’s a great song that is touching many.

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  1. My favorite – and to me the most powerful song of the year, is “The Great I Am Still Is” by Phil Cross & Twila LeBar as recorded by Triumphant Quartet on the “You Got To Love It” CD.

    This type song can take SG into the traditional church.

    For the ones you listed – “I Have Been Changed” it at the top of my list.


  2. You hit the nail on the head…especially w/the Perrys’s song The Potter Knows the Clay.I got the cd last Saturday…but had heard it for about once every week on their Myspace page.Libbi sings that just like she’s been there…something not every artist would like to admit…

  3. I agree with Ed Butler above. As much as I love “I Know I’m Going Home” by Triumphant, I would have to rate “The Great I Am Still Is” above it for mentioning in this list.

  4. There’s some great songs out there this year! “What We Needed,” “I Have Not Forgotten,” and “The Potter Knows The Clay” headline your list, IMO.