Dan Keeton Quartet lineup announced

The lineup for the new Dan Keeton Quartet will be:

  • Bass: Rick Grey. Grey is from Morristown, TN. He was born in 1957 and began singing in his family group when he was 6. He sang with Divine Purpose from Kingsport, Tennessee in 1999. He sang with Dan and Nancy Keeton in the Keeton Family trio for three years. He joined Abundant Grace Quartet in May 2007 and sang with them until accepting the invitation to re-join Dan and Nancy Keeton.
  • Baritone: Chris Little. Little grew up in Griffithsville, West Virginia. At age eleven, he started and sang with his own Gospel group, The Born Again Children. He studied music theory, classical piano, and voice into his college years. He has played piano for The New Creations (run by Tommy Parsons, Squire Parson’s brother), The Faithmen Quartet, and with the Prophets Quartet (now Mountain State Quartet).
  • Tenor: Dan Keeton. As a child, Dan Keeton sang with his family group, The King’s Kids. He joined The Veterans Quartet from Litchfield, Kentucky at age 16. He has filled in for the Speer Family, the Singing Americans, and Gold City, and been a member of the Blackwood Quartet, the Impacts, the Lowell Lundstrom Ministries Impact America Crusades, and the Dixie Melody Boys.
  • Alto: Nancy Keeton. Nancy was born in Ohio and sang with her sisters in a family group, The Nunley Sisters. At age 15, she joined The King’s Heirs from Huntington, West Virginia and sang with them for three years. She married Dan Keeton on June 10th, 1989 and sang with him in a trio, The Keetons, before Dan joined the Dixie Melody Boys.

The Dan Keeton Quartet is planning to perform their first concert in Alabama on February 3. They are currently putting the details together for their debut recording, a live recording entitled Influenced. They just launched their website, www.dankeetonquartet.com. [EDIT, 6/18/12: Broken link removed.]

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  1. So, Dan Keeton is announcing Dan Keeton’s lineup for the quartet that Dan Keeton started all by Dan Keeton’s self, called the Dan Keeton Quartet? I guess it’s better than picking a name that someone else already has, like The Mark Trammell Trio….

  2. Thanks for posting that—that prompted an idea for a more succinct title for the post.

    (P.S. It’s not out of the ordinary for groups named after a person to be run by that person. 😛 )

  3. A lot of hoopla for someone who spent a few years or less with the dmb. With the self generated fanfair you would think this was a much bigger name.

    I also find it funny that there was so much to do made over “the big search” and solicitation of demos……only to have his wife and another singer he sang with before joining dmb be named as singers.

    Oh well….hope they set the world on fire…..

  4. I think he stayed three or maybe four years with the Dixie Melody Boys. That’s the longest anyone in the last five or so years has stayed.

    Of course, they’ve had a few people who’ve stayed longer, but I would guess that about ten lead singers, baritones, and (for a while) pianists went through the group during the time Dan stayed with them.

  5. It may be that long….my point was the press releases have been frequent and full of importance….ha! Hey, I don’t fault him for spreading the word. I just found it funny that the singers mostly came from “in house.”

  6. Oh my! Man, it’s great to hear that Chris is with these guys!!!!! He be a real asset to the quartet.
    But to combine him with what was an already dynamite trio….. this is good news. EXCITING!!!!!

  7. oh my gosh that is my poppy and hes on the internet and i cant wait to see him again and i love him very much and its Rick Grey and he is so awesome and so is the other members of the band and i know that I don’t act like i care about them somtimes but i do. Plus im taking piano lessons just like him and i cant wait till he walks in the door tomorrow or sometime whatever but i miss him and i want to thank him for all he does 4 me and i love him very much. Love,
    P.S I hope the trip home goes good

  8. I heard the group on the 10th of May, and I can honestly say that the Dan Keeton Quartet is THE BEST new group on the road, quite possiably the best southern gospel group today.

    If any other readers ever see them, MAKE SURE to request that they sing “Looking For A City”. Better than Vestal Goodman and Johnny Cook, better than Steve Ladd, or anyone else who’s sang that song. Not so much because how high Dan can go (he soars on it though), but what blew me away was the quallity of the harmonies at the highest part of the song. Nancy Keeton, Chris Little, and Rick Grey can keep up with him on it without a problem.
    They are so good that they upstage most other groups without trying to. You haven’t really heard “Saints Will Rise” till you hear them do it. Better than the Kingsmen anyday.
    What was the most pleasant suprise is that they sounded sooooooo good without stacking their vocals. They’re too smooth to need to.
    I say that the future of southern gospel is in good hands with groups of this caliber singing.

  9. I thinks the Keetons are super. We heard them in Washington, Illinois, several months ago. They are the best group I’ve heard except for Four Fold. But the Keetons are close!