Concert Sighting: Blackwood Gospel Quartet

A member of the SoGospelNews message boards saw the Blackwood Gospel Quartet over the weekend and reported seeing this lineup: [EDIT, 2/21/13. Broken link removed.

Tenor: Derrick Boyd
Lead: Mark Blackwood
Baritone: Brad Smith(?)
Bass: Burman Porter
Pianist: Jonathan Sawrie

Burman Porter sang with the Blackwood Gospel Quartet before his stint with the Palmetto State Quartet, so it’s not particularly surprising to see him back. The surprise would come if Monument Quartet’s Brad Smith was indeed filling the baritone slot for the Blackwood Gospel Quartet. I do notice that Brad photo is no longer on Monument’s myspace page, so perhaps he, too, has returned to the Blackwood Gospel Quartet.

Monument has two tenors currently (Marshall Pugh and Matt Felts), and it’s rumored that another is on the way to fill the vacant fourth spot on stage. It will be interesting to see how things settle out with the group, and what titles (lead/baritone/tenor) they give the three vocalists–or if they will bother to assign part titles at all.

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  1. I wonder what happened to Josh Garner??? And, Terry Mullins???

  2. Josh was just filling in.

  3. By the way, Marshall Pugh is technically Monument’s baritone; however, he used to be their tenor before Felts joined.

  4. I think Mark Blackwood was hoping Josh would stay for a while…otherwise why would he have put Josh’s picture on the website?

  5. I think quite a few groups would love to have and keep Josh. Anyhow, I saw someone (I think it was Mark’s wife Jennifer) post that the picture was put up so promoters who visited the website could have an idea of who would be showing up at their church. However, I believe they only have individual bios on official members.

  6. I am a big fan of Monuments. Marshall Pugh moved from tenor to baritone when Felts joined. If you’ve ever heard Felts sing, you’d know why. I doubt there are many that could sing full voice above him. He is one of the best out there. Marshall does a great job at baritone. Very Mark Trammellish. I heard that they made a change in the bass posistion but I don’t think they’ve released who they hired. I know Mike Allen and Gene McDonald both filled in with them. Mike Allen for several months. I heard rumor that Daryl Williams is playing piano for them. If thats true it will be intertesting to see who the bass is. They are building a “super group”. I cant wait to see them again. I think they are on their way to being a powerhouse. From the looks of their schedule, they are doing incredible in the “country” market.

  7. Marshall reminds me, vocally, of Aruther Rice more than anyone else.

  8. Yeah similar tones and range. The rumor I heard last night from someone who goes to church with them is that Daryl Williams is singing lead and they hired an anthony burger protige at piano. Wow!!! Felts on tenor, Williams at lead and pugh at baritone. That is a high group. Felts kinda reminds me of Ernie but a better tone. I have their new cd but I am excited to get some thing with this lineup on it.