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An interesting thread on the Singing News forums asks readers to name 10-12 songs they’d love to hear a Southern Gospel group record. [EDIT, 11/7/10: Regrettably, the link is broken, so it has been removed.] I picked the Perrys–I’d love to see a Hits & Hymns 3–and named these songs:

  1. God Handled it All (Gold City)
  2. Hard Trials (Cathedrals)
  3. Leave Your Sorrows and Come Along
  4. Depths of the Father’s Love (Kingdom Heirs)
  5. It is Well With my Soul – Each member on a verse, modulating up a fourth (i.e., C to F) for Libbi to sing the final verse.
  6. Go Right Out
  7. We Shall See Jesus (Cathedrals) – I think the time might have come for someone to bring this back…I hope the song didn’t die with Glen Payne!
  8. Bound For the Land of Canaan (Kingsmen)
  9. One Scarred Hand (Gold City) – It’s almost like the Perrys’ voices were made to sing Kyla Rowland songs. [EDIT: As Matt notes below, perhaps they could do this one acapella.]
  10. It Will Be Worth it All
  11. He Lives (Gold City)
  12. I Stand Redeemed (Legacy Five) – Imagine Libbi on this one!

Obviously, the groups mentioned in the Singing News thread won’t ever record all the songs named, but there’s always the chance they might do some of them, eventually.

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  1. GREAT choices, Daniel. I would have never imagined the Perrys singing some of those songs. But after thinking about it, they would tear these songs up, especially One Scarred Hand (imagine it a capella), and We Shall See Jesus. Oh, and God Handled It All, too would be a great radio single….

  2. Thanks! I did try to think outside of the box. I don’t think too many people would have thought of them for “I Stand Redeemed,” either, but I’m positive Libbi would really “sing the glory down” if she started singing it.

  3. I could imagine Nick taking the lead in “We Shall See Jesus” untill the last few verses, Joseph taking it on the last verse, then have a key change putting the chorus in a good range for Libbi to carry the lead.
    I’d certainlly buy a CD just for that song if they should ever record it, no matter how they’d do it.

  4. I Stand Redeemed (Legacy Five) – Imagine Libbi on this one!

    WOW! That one would sound really awesome, Daniel! I think this would make a great CD. They would sound great singing these songs. I recently got their latest CD “Look No Further” and as much as I liked listening to them when Loren was with them, I think that they sound AWESOME with Joe singing Lead and Nick singing Baritone.