Tenors Needed

Two groups announced today that they are seeking tenors. Mark Blackwood’s Blackwood Gospel Quartet announced that they are seeking a tenor and that they will take as long as they need to find a keeper since Paul Lancaster will fill in as long as necessary. [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.]

Ben Harris’s Southern Sound is also looking for a tenor. [EDIT, 11/6/10: Regrettably, the link seems to be broken, so it has been removed.] There had been some uncertainty over whether Jeremy Calloway would stay with the group, but right now it appears as though he’s leaving.

This is a good time to be a tenor looking to make it into full-time Southern Gospel, since (if I had to venture a guess) neither Southern Sound or Blackwood Gospel is likely to hire a tenor from another full-time quartet. Be looking for some new names on the Southern Gospel horizon soon.

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  1. I can sing either Tenor or Baritone. My favorites are: All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name- Redeemed- The Solid Rock- Are You Washed In The Blood. There are many more Hymns that i know and sing. These are just some of the ones that i got standing ovations in Churches. I do not sing Contemperary or Christian Rock. Just plain old Hymnals. And now since mostly other songs are sung in Churches, i’ve found that the old Hymns are becoming more popular. Brother Rick Bagwell Isiah 40:31