CD Review: “Try Jesus” (Resurrection Quartet)

Try Jesus - Resurrection QuartetThe Resurrection Quartet is a regional quartet based in North Carolina. The group is fairly new; they were formed in 2006 and Try Jesus is their debut recording. The group members are Billy Ayres (tenor) Jodie Dupree (lead), Gradie Hartley (baritone), and Curtis Small (bass).

The project consists of cover songs. The Cathedrals’ repertoire is well represented with four or five songs (“Crimson River,” “Goin’ in Style,” “Moving Up to Gloryland,” “At the Name of Jesus,” and a song also performed by other groups, “Because Jesus Said It.”) They also cover two Kingsmen songs, “He’s All I Need” and “I’ll Live Again,” and a Booth Brothers song, “Try Jesus.” The project contains two other songs, “I’m Living in Canaan Now,” and “The Truth Will Come Out.” The latter song is perhaps the album’s highlight and might make a good first single.

The group’s strength is in their ensemble singing; each has an above average ability individually, but their blend is somehow greater than the sum of its ingredients.

Rating: Enjoyable.

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  1. Wow daniel. Didn’t know you did a review on this. This is the group I’m with now. (:

    • Wow – this post is one day short of being five years old, and just now it gets its first comment. 🙂