Greater Vision’s “Quartets Live”–Two Versions?

Before I purchased my copy of Greater Vision’s Quartet’s Live, a friend lent me her copy of the project, purchased shortly after it came out. I enjoyed the whole project, but I certainly thought that the funniest moment of the whole afternoon was on the song “Rocked on the Deep.” At one point on the chorus, after the bass singer carries the melody for several lines, the tenor is supposed to sing a line or two. One of the times this happened, Jason missed his cue and everyone was singing the harmony beat.

What made this priceless was that Mike Holcomb gave Jason “the look,” and from the look on Jason’s face it appeared that for a split-second, he didn’t quite realize why. Then he realized, but too late to jump back in for that particular line, and jumped back in at the next line.

Last year, I went to a Greater Vision concert at about the point they were discontinuing the DVD and purchased one of the last copies of the project. But when I purchased it, I couldn’t help but wonder if my memory was playing tricks on me, because the flubbed line–and that brief but priceless instant reaction–was no longer there.

So is my memory playing tricks on me? Or were two versions of the DVD released, with the second version perhaps pulling footage from one of the other times around the chorus?

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  1. Very Interesting. I’ve got the old VHS version, not the DVD. Based on your comment, I think I’ll go back and watch it and look for the “look!” In answer to your question, I would find it very easy to believe that edits, and even some extra material, were added/deleted to the original on the DVD.

  2. I don’t know anything about that, but looking from here over to the comments section and seeing the question “What’s happened to Jason? …” was, to say the least … startling. (It actually referred to Jason Crabb, I guess. Whew!) 🙂

  3. It’s easily possible–I’m just trying to figure out if that is what happened. 🙂

  4. I’ve never watched the Quartets Live DVD, but I bought the NQC Live! 2003 DVD off ebay the other day and that song (along with the missed cue) is on there.

  5. Daniel, if you look at the NQC highlights tape, you seel the “flub” as plain as day. Apparently, when Gerald and company released the DVD, they corrected the mistake by adding the missing part.

    Like you, I did a double take on the DVD, and I got mine shortly after it was realeased.

  6. Interesting! Now are there two versions of the DVD, or was the mistake only ever on the NQC 2003 DVD?

    That’s one mistake I wish they had kept! 😆

  7. The only place I ever saw the misque was on the NQC tape/DVD. If you’ll notice on the Quartets DVD, they move the camera away from Jason as the misque happens. Gerald is always good at “fixing” his DVD projects, so this was another case where he did just that.

  8. For the record, there is only one version of the “Quartets” VHS and DVD.

  9. Thanks for the clarification! I must have seen the NQC DVD at about the same time I saw the Quartets DVD originally.