California’s Watchmen Quartet to retire

The Watchmen Quartet, one of the most popular West Coast Southern Gospel quartets, performed their final concert a few days ago. It was covered on the front page of the Orange County Register, which reader BH tells me is California’s fourth-largest newspaper. The online version of the article includes video and audio clips and is worth checking out.

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  1. This truly does mark the end of an era among West Coast gospel quartets.

    For many years, the Watchmen carried the banner in Southern California for gospel quartet music. They not only served the Southland, but they came up north to Fresno and Sacramento often as well.

    They never made me forget Blackwoods or the Weatherfords, but they were awfully dedicated and hard-working troupers that helped keep the gospel quartet flame burning out here on the Left Coast.

  2. My uncle introduced me to the Watchmen’s music back in 2004, and their ministry has really blessed me in the past 4 years. It is truly sad to see them go. They will perform some more concerts throughout 2008, but this January’s show was their final “homecoming” concert. I was also honored that my YouTube video for “Wish I Could Have Been There” was displayed along with the article on the OC Register website. Thanks for the memories, Watchmen 🙂

  3. There are still a few gospel quartets around. I currently sing in and manage the Good News Gospel Quartet. We are located in South Orange County CA, and have been around since 1999. We can be contacted at [phone number edited for privacy reasons].