The Collingsworth Family announces 2008 dates

Collingsworth Family 2008The Collingsworth Family recently sent out a press release announcing their annual Florida tour, starting later this week, and their 2008 schedule. Highlights of their 2008 schedule include appearances at Gaither’s Texas Homecoming (Dallas, TX), Gaither FamilyFest (Gatlinburg, TN), GaitherFest (Myrtle Beach, SC), Singin’ in the Sun, the Gatlinburg Gathering, and concerts promoted by Twila Rohrer’s Garden Spot Promotions and Jim Lawson’s Gospel Gathering.

Notably absent from that list is a mainstage appearance at NQC. They are one of the (possibly the) highest profile groups not currently appearing on the main stage; they record with one of the main Southern Gospel labels (Crossroads) and are appearing at many of the highest-profile events in Southern Gospel outside of the convention. So if a slot opens up, I would encourage NQC’s Board of Directors to consider inviting them.

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  1. I still can’t figure why they won’t let certain groups who have been on the main stage, back on it this year. Oh well.

  2. I totally agree that the Collingsworths should be given time on the main stage at NQC. They have made tremendours strides in the gospel music field over the last couple of years and would add a strong spiritual dimension to the program. This group deserves to be there.