Personnel Changes

This morning brings us two personnel changes:

After a year’s hiatus, playing for the Kingdom Heirs for a few months and then for Mike & Kelly Bowling for about a year, the Old Paths Quartet just announced that Joseph Cox is returning as their pianist. [EDIT, 11/9/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] Even though the Old Paths Quartet doesn’t have the national name recognition of a Dove Brothers or a Kingdom Heirs, that Cox would make this move says something about the strength of the group. I have yet to hear them for myself, but from all I hear, this quartet could be one of Southern Gospel’s next big things.

The Perrys have added Troy Peach (late of TK & McRae) as their sound man. At the concert I attended several months ago, they had announced that their previous sound man was in the National Guard or Reserves (I forget which) and was about to be called up for a tour of duty. I’m glad they decided to fill the spot; it helps live sound immeasurably to have a full-time sound man running the sound from the audience.

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  1. [According to Daniel Mount’s blog, there seems to be two changes in group lineups this morning…]

  2. Old Paths is worth while checking out. I have not heard them live yet, but from recordings I have heard…they are worth the price of admission.