UPDATE: Dino to have his own NQC showcase

Yesterday, I checked Dino’s scheduleĀ (EDIT: 8/5/2011: Broken link removed) and found that he is scheduled to make an appearance at NQC this year, on Thursday, September 11, at 2:30 P.M. Other than that this will be a showcase appearance of some sort, it’s not immediately evident whether this will be part of the Parade of Pianos or whether he will be given his own separate showcase. The Parade of Pianos has not been on Thursdays in recent years, but the Gaither / Signature Sound showcase could have led to a re-scheduling of the event.

An email is on its way to the inboxes of a few of the applicable decision-makers; I will update this post with any additional information as it’s received.

UPDATE (1/23, 11:25 AM). I heard via email from Clarke Beasley that Dino will be doing his own (separate) showcase this year. He also answered commenter Donna’s question; Gerald Wolfe will again host the Parade of Pianos.

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  1. I would love for Dino to have his own showcase so that people who want to see him can. It is also my hope that only current SG pianists participate in the Pianorama. I know you’ll let us know who the host will be when you get that information confirmed, too!

  2. I believe I read where Dino used to be involved in Southern Gospel music either as a singer or piano player…so let’s give him some credit. Dino is a gifted musician.

  3. While I have no official word, I think Gerald Wolfe will be the host again this year.

  4. While Dino no doubt is an excelent pianist I feel that the
    Pianorama should only be Southern Gospel pianists. I feel that he stole the show away from others last year at the Pianorama.

  5. Thanks for getting this news for us, Daniel. I’m very glad that it has worked out this way.

  6. This year, it appears as though the Pianorama will only be SG pianists. šŸ™‚

  7. Daniel, I did not realize that he got more playing time than others. That is a little unfair.

  8. In defense of Dino, I don’t think he has stolen the show for the past two years; the spotlight was offered to him. However, I am very glad that this year’s Pianorama will consist of only Southern Gospel pianists who in my opinion play just as well (or better) than Dino.

  9. While they’re at it, give Kim Collingsworth her own showcase, too. She’s incredible. I’d pay for that one.

  10. Kim Collingsworth certainly outshined all others at the NQC. including Dino.

  11. kim is a good pianist, but I don’t feel that she is any better than others like stice, holt, varnado, whitmire, etc. I think she gets a different nod of attention because she is a female doing something in an industry that is dominated by males. and she is very showy. for example… i fully believe that stan whitmire ad tim parton are far better players, but because they don’t show the emotion or movement, they are overlooked easier. this post is not to critisize kims abilities, it is just to try and give others their due. a showy musician always gets the advantage when it comes to the fans (who most of the time don’t really know the difference in skill)

  12. ritchie,

    There is a little something to what you say. Even if some of the other pianists you played were to play her exact arrangements, the reason she’s the one getting standing ovations is because of the passion and energy with which she does her performances.

  13. Hey we need Dino , He amy not be actually in the industry but he has a show on TBN and he features Southern Gospel Artist all of the time. Come on now let him Play. R Foster

  14. Jason Webb and Stan Whitmire can blow everyone at Pianorama off the stage when it comes down to what really matters…the playing.

    I’d love to see a non-artist based, studio player quality showcase.

  15. Hey, I would just like to say that I’ve seen Kim Collingsworth play a lot and I do believe that Passion is a better word than “Showy”. I do know that she internalizes the words to the songs she is playing and that is why she gets so emotional at times while playing! She is actually getting blessed!!!!! Kim is one of the least “Showy people I know.


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