Inspirations officially add new vocalist

Over the past four years, as Archie Watkins has had frequent vocal troubles, the Inspirations have had various tenors filling in. They have now officially hired one; Singing News announced this evening that Darren Osborne is now an official Inspiration. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]  While Archie Watkins will undoubtedly appear at major events, and at most trips as possible, having Osborne as an official utility vocalist (in addition to tenor, he can sing lead and baritone) will allow Watkins to ease into retirement gradually, as the Inspirations gradually build the momentum to eventually carry a post-Archie group without breaking stride.

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  1. Daniel, I heard Darren with the Inspirations a couple months back in Hickory, N.C. He is really good and I think his addition will be good for the group

  2. I’m almost positive he was the tenor I heard at NQC, and he was indeed good.

  3. Inspirations fans that have not heard them with Darren will be glad to know that the tradtional Inspirations sound is well protected.

  4. This will eventually be the end of an institution. Another “sad” day for Gospel Music. But everyone gets to age when you have to slow down. Thanks Archie for the many years of great music!