Sony’s Thoughts: Taking Isaac Up the Mountain

We have some friends who were going through a difficult trial last year. They were suspecting the mom in the family had cancer, and her husband and children didn’t feel ready to part with her. She’s still relatively young, and we weren’t sure what God was going to do but, around that time, I pulled out a CD by the Roy Knight Singers and was listening to a song called “Taking Isaac Up the Mountain.” I would like to quote the chorus in the hopes that it will encourage you regardless of what you are going through.

Taking Isaac up the Mountain
by Sandy Knight

Taking Isaac up the mountain is such a lonely trip
Knowing everything you love you’re on your way to give
Then suddenly you see a sign that God has made a way
Taking Isaac up the mountain is just a test of faith
To see how far that I would go with God
(end of chorus)

We often don’t know God’s plan in things. All we see is a mountain that we don’t feel strong enough to climb. However, we do know that “all things work together for good to them who love God.” That’s not just a cliche. It’s a fact! No matter what we’re facing, let’s determine to go on with God together. There is no mountain too high that He cannot cross it, and we can cross it too with His help!

As it turned out, the mom I mentioned at the beginning of this post found that she does not have cancer and, once again, we are rejoicing in the goodness of God!

“Taking Isaac Up the Mountain” written by Sandy Knight, published by Asheville Music Publishing/BMI, taken from the Greener Pastures CD by the Roy Knight Singers. Lyrics used by permission.

~ Sony Elise

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  1. What a wonderful reminder to all of us!!!!

  2. Thanks for the reminder of that message in song! It’s a great perspective on giving God our problems!