NQC to host Crabb Family Reunion

When the Crabb Family disbanded, some fans immediately began speculating about and hoping for special reunion appearances. It looks like the wait is over, or at any rate will be this September, since the National Quartet Convention will be hosting a Crabb Family Reunion on Saturday (September 13) showcase in Freedom Hall. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] It will be interesting to see which members the reunion includes.

While it is possible that the Crabb siblings came up with the idea, it is also possible that the idea came from the NQC board. If the latter is the case, it would be an encouraging sign for many fans who hope for reunions of other popular groups of the past.

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  1. Mavbe the NQC can follow the lead of some of the major evangeical denominations that have regional Bible schools, colleges and universities throughout the world.
    As part of the national or world-wide denominations annual conventions or councils, arrangements for reunions are worked out with events planners and the representatives of the reunions entity to be held during the course of the major events.
    Sure, the supprters of the groups might have conflicts in scheduling but that whats happens when you have too many favorites.

  2. Seems like a little soon for a Crabb Family reunion. I think it would be “appreciated” more if they had been separated longer. Of course everyone would love to see a Gold City reunion of Brian, Ivan, Mike and Tim. Personally, and I’ve said this on SGN before, I’d like to see a Dixie Melody Boys reunion with Derrick Boyd, McCray Dove, and Rodney Griffin.

  3. That lineup of Gold City was the one I most had in mind. The #2 group lineup I’d most enjoy seeing reunited would be the Parrack/Wilburn/Trammell/Riley/Eleton Gold City.

  4. Perhaps we will have a TK & McRae reunion at NQC as well.