2008 SGN Music Awards posted

SoGospelNews has posted their yearly online best-of poll here. [EDIT, 2/21/13. Broken link removed.] My picks:

  1. Song: From this list, “Last Night.”
  2. Album: Look No Further, Perrys.
  3. Pacesetter: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound.
  4. Breakthrough Artist: Tribute Quartet.
  5. Male Vocalist: Gerald Wolfe.
  6. Female Vocalist: From the list, Janet Paschal.
  7. Male Group: From the list, Greater Vision.
  8. Female Group: Cast no vote; haven’t heard any of the groups.
  9. Mixed Group: Perrys.
  10. Best Live Performer: Cast no vote; haven’t heard enough of the nominees in non-NQC live concerts.
  11. Songwriter (Artist): Joseph Habedank / Matthew Holt.
  12. Producer (Artist): Roger Talley.
  13. Traditional SG Song: “The Rock’s Between the Hard Place and You” (Kingdom Heirs). (I was a little surprised that “I Can Pray” was in this category and not in the progressive song category. I might have voted for it in that category, especially if “Last Night” was not on the same list.)
  14. Traditional SG Album: Look No Further, Perrys.
  15. Progressive SG Song: “Last Night,” (KP&NR).
  16. Progressive SG Album: Journey of Joy, KP&NR, mainly on the strength of “Last Night.”
  17. Country / Bluegrass Song: “He Chose Me,” Freemans. (See #18.)
  18. Country / Bluegrass Album: Eyes on the Prize, Freemans. I don’t have any of the albums in this category, but voted for this one based on a friend’s recommendation.
  19. Special Event Project: Together (Gaither Vocal Band / Ernie Haase & Signature Sound).
  20. Musician of the Year: Kim Collingsworth.
  21. Fan Favorite Artist: Perrys.

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