CD Review: “Eyes on the Prize” (The Freemans)

Featuring the #5 song of 2007 according to Singing News magazine, “He Chose Me,” the Freemans have put out another great recording with their latest release, Eyes on the Prize. ”

Larry Petree wrote three songs on this CD including the Freemans’ latest single, “Cast in the Sea,” “Cross Fire” (a great song about spiritual warfare), and “Rich As I Can Be,” featuring Darrell, Joe, and Caylon Freeman.

Gerald Crabb wrote “Put Me In That Crowd” and co-wrote the ballad “Grace I Remember” with Niles Borop.

Other songs include “Three Rugged Crosses,” “If God Doesn’t Have It,” and the old spiritual, “Eyes on the Prize,” which features Chris and Misty Freeman, Joyce Martin, Bo Hinson, The Dixie Echoes, and Jason Crabb.

I remember Darrell Freeman saying years ago that they would never put a “filler” song on one of their recordings and they have stayed true to that with this recording.

~Sony Elise

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  1. “Three Wooden Crosses”?
    Is this the same song Randy Travis recorded?

  2. I wondered the same thing when I first saw the title but it’s a different song.

  3. I need the words to My Eyes Are On The Prize ?

    • I’m sorry, but copyright law does not permit them to be posted publicly without the copyright owner’s permission. I would suggest listening to the song and writing the words down.