Whisnant’s Office Fire likely Arson

The Charlotte (NC) Observer is reporting that the fire that destroyed the Whisnants’ office several days ago was likely due to arson. [EDIT, 6/5/12: Broken link removed.] The building housed both the Whisnants’ office and a radio station owned by the family (Jeff, brother John, and father John Sr.), WCIS-AM (760).

Since the building housed both the radio station and the Whisnants’ musical group’s office, they also lost about 3,000 of the Whisnants’ CDs/DVDs in the fire. Fortunately, the building was insured; the Whisnants hope to get the station back on the air as soon as possible, maybe even by the end of the month.

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  1. Hey, Daniel, you’ve been working too hard! 🙂 The fire wasn’t “several weeks ago.” It was last Friday!! I am very grateful to learn that they were covered by insurance!

  2. I meant to type “several days ago.” Thanks for catching that–I’ll go fix it.