Gerald Wolfe announces solo project

In Greater Vision’s most recent email newsletter, Gerald Wolfe announced his first solo vocal project in years. It will include Wolfe’s most-requested songs, including the 1986 version of “Land of the Living,” the 1992 version of 163.jpg“There is a River,” new renditions of “Champion of Love” and “Till the Storm Passes By,” and a song he describes as one “I’ve wanted to record for a long time,” “I Still Cling to the Old Rugged Cross.”

Until Now is set to be released this spring, and unless I’m mistaken will be Wolfe’s first vocal solo project in nearly two decades. There’s no word yet on whether it will be a major-label or a table release, but either way, it could end up being one of the most-anticipated recordings of the year.

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  1. I’m REALLY looking forward to this! Gerald and I exchanged a few emails a couple of weeks ago regarding another project and I asked what the chances were of a solo vocal CD from him and he told me about this one. He mentioned that “No Wonder They Call Him Our Saviour” would be on it. This was on his solo CD you mentioned, “Hold Forth The Light” (if you don’t have this one already, you need to find it). It was also done on a Mike Speck showcase at NQC either this past year or year before. Great song!

  2. That’s good news.

  3. This will be special!

  4. I’m really excited about this project. I have “Hold Forth the Light” and I’m about to wear it out! I love the song “No Wonder They Call Him Our Savior” that Joy Gardner sang with him. (This song is also on the Atlanta/Celebration DVD with Stacey from the Speck Trio.) I can’t wait to see what else is on the new CD. Gerald mentioned that at least one new song that will be included.

  5. first GW solo album was his best. I agree with what paul jackson (prophets) said about it over on Coomers cove – blog site….Coomer did a post on the new GW album and jackson left a cooment there! Ha!

  6. Actually, Paul left that comment at Wes’ blog, Burke’s Brainwork. I didn’t post about Gerald’s new project, because I thought Daniel and Wes had it pretty much covered.

  7. Did this come out? Have I just forgotten about it already? I don’t remember seeing it … Has anybody heard it?

  8. I’m wondering if it got delayed with the lineup change issue.

  9. Maybe so – He was holding some of those other releases so they wouldn’t compete with each other, I guess. Wasn’t he also supposed to be planning another instrumental album? Maybe that was before he decided to do the solo album.

  10. Any word yet? I’m dying to get my hands on this cd!!

  11. Gerald has certainly done a wonderful job as a member of Greater Vision over the years. And it’s great to hear that he’s coming out with this solo project. I would also like to hear him possibly to a project all with hymns, his version of Jesus Paid It All on his first project was great!


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