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Sometimes I think Averyfineline revels in his reputation in the Southern Gospel blogosphere. He’s not afraid to say or print just about anything unless it could get him into legal trouble. But every now and then, he’ll post something that soars above the daily rhetoric of scandals and flat notes. Yesterday’s post was just that.

He has made no secret of the fact that he does not like Roger Bennett’s voice. I have been quietly amused by his opinion, because I think Bennett’s voice was one of the best the Cathedrals ever had, as well as the best voice in Legacy Five. (Probably at least half the reason I purchase Legacy Five albums is to hear Roger Bennett’s vocal solos.)

In his post, he talks about getting a Cathedrals concert poster autographed at a concert shortly after Roger Bennett had temporarily come off the road due to cancer. After mentioning that he has yet to get Bennett’s autograph on the poster, he transitions into discussing the need to lay aside the critical approach of looking at Southern Gospel and simply appreciate the human courage and endurance behind the songs. Then he returns to the concert poster motif in his closing words:

…faith still wears a deeply human face in ordinary life. We may understand it better by and by, but it sure doesn’t hurt that there’s a song to sing or play or listen to or hum in the darkness of the soul’s long night to help us cope in the meantime. I think I’ll go hang up that poster now. And hope for another day, another concert, another chance to get that last signature.

If there was a Pulitzer Price for “Best Southern Gospel Post of the Year,” this post would get my vote.

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  1. I really liked it, too. It’s kind of a change in the way he’s been writing lately.

  2. I agree. I’ve read his blog for a while now, and in my opinion, he has been pretty harsh lately (nothing wrong with honesty, but it CAN be kind, too), and this post was a very welcomed change. One thing he wrote did irritate me…

    “At the time, of course, the conventional wisdom of fear was that Bennett wouldn’t survive what was clearly a scary situation. With time and the great grace of providence, he has survived … and survived and survived. ”

    .. why doesn’t he just say outright that by the grace of GOD, Roger is still with us? He’s still with us because GOD answers prayer! Let’s give HIM the glory and quit minimizing it by calling it “providence”!!!!

  3. While I imagine he professes Christianity, I believe Doug said a while back that he wasn’t an evangelical. He might not agree with the statement that Roger is still with us because God answers prayer. (By the way, I agree with you that we should give credit where credit is due.)

  4. I don’t know Doug and obviously can’t speak for him, but I can assure you that one does not need to be an “evangelical” in order to be a Christian, nor does one need to be an evangelical in order to enjoy and appreciate southern gospel.

    But, for the record, the term “providence” IS a Christian term that MEANS that God “provides.” In Christian terms, “providence” and “grace” are very closely related. And lest there have been any doubt, the exact quote taken from Doug’s blog post was “the great grace of providence” . . . how can one interpret that as reflecting anything other than giving credit to God? Where else would you suggest that the “providence” and “grace” of which Doug wrote might have come?