Blog Update: Tags

When this site launched in fall 2006, the only post organization option was categories. That was fine with me, since my brain is wired to have everything neatly categorized. When WordPress added tags a few years ago, I coded it out of this site’s design since tags struck me as unappealingly scatterbrained—and since they would take weeks to go back and add in!

I finally took the plunge. It’s now in the right-hand menu, and incorporated in a “for more posts about” link in most posts.

To participants in the Thousand Comment contesttry using this to find more posts on your favorite groups and topics. This site has had 758 comments this week, which means there are 242 to go to trigger the grand prize!

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  1. I like the change to the recent comments sidebar. Makes it easier to keep track of comments.

    • Thanks! I decided to experiment with it, since I love the activity of the vertical scrolling posts, but the all-red got hard on the eyes.

      This looked positively ugly when I installed it, but I spent a while tweaking the CSS until it actually looked decent.

      • I like it…but now I’m missing the recent posts list, since this seems to have replaced it. But it is nice to have the added feature of seeing what posts the comments were added to. It’s also nice not to have to chase them down as they scroll.

      • Yes, I pulled the recent posts, since it only appeared on the individual pages (and I think/thought virtually nobody was using it.)

      • Thanks Dan!

        It should help to generate more inter-post activity…

        Though actually I liked the scrolling effect of the ‘recent post’. Maybe more folks were using it than you thought, though this is fine as it is.

        I checked back into a few other blogs that get an airing in my household over the weekend.

        I must say, in spite of the zealous editing [………] that the balance hereabouts between openness, decency, spiritually toned comment is about right.

        It is quite astonishing to see some of the vitriolic comment elsewhere, all in the cause of critiqueing gospel music!

        Glad to be in Daniel’s Den 🙂

      • I’m glad you’re in Daniel’s Den, too! I don’t bite! 🙂

        I’m also glad you’re OK with the balance between openness and keeping things in tip-top order should artists stop by.

        I’m sure people did use the scrolling comments, and I liked the effect, too! But the all-red in motion got wearing on the eyes after a few months.

        Actually, what I meant to be talking about was people using the recent posts or archives sidebars – those are the ones that didn’t get much use, I believe.

      • Well if you don’t bite, where did the all the chunks bitten off go? [……edit….edit….]

  2. Thank you for bringing back that comments feature!!! Thank you! Thank you!

    It’s sure not doing any good with the current quantity, and I was out of town most of the day, as well as doing important real-life things, so I may be out of the running again. But I don’t think there are five more active than I’ve been.

    • You’re virtually guaranteed of a top 5 slot – the only question is where, and which pick you get from the list of prizes. 🙂