Theme CD: Creation

Let’s continue our series on whether there are enough Southern Gospel songs to fill a complete CD on a given theme with the theme of Creation.

Now this blog is about a genre of music, and I only raise theological issues as they pertain to the music. With that clarification out of the way, I am a firm supporter of Genesis’ six-day creation account. Though presumably not all, many Southern Gospel songwriters and performers also hold to the Genesis account, and it is reflected in their music.

Are there enough Southern Gospel songs discussing Creation (whether or not they reference six days) to fill a CD on this theme?

Though I have some on my mind, I won’t do your thinking for you. But I will give a hint to anyone who reads liner notes: Think Dianne Wilkinson.

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  1. I have been listening lately to a song by Mercy’s Mark called “I’m Amazed” I think that song would fit this theme well…

  2. “God Did it All?”

  3. I don’t know how I missed this post, but I’ve got two by the Kingdom Heirs: “God Made It” and “Nobody Knows the Answer But God”.

    • Oh, and most recently, “Biblically Correct”.

  4. “Don’t let me miss the glory” by Gordon Mote comes to mind.

  5. Interesting thoughts on “I’m Amazed” and “Don’t Let Me Miss the Glory.” Don’t know I would have thought of either, but interesting food for thought.

    Good job on nailing the ones I had in mind, “God Did it All,” “Biblically Correct,” “God Made It,” and “Nobody Knows the Answer But God.”

    We’re still four short of the minimum CD number.

    • “In the Beginning” Statler Bros “Holy Bible” double album.

  6. I can’t remember the song title, but there’s one with a lyric “He took a little water, and He took a little mud.”

    Maybe someone else will remember the title.

    • It’s Statler Brothers. Is it the one mentioned by David Mac just above? Hadn’t thought of that song for a few years.