Theme CD: Fatherhood

This theme is related to the first entry (Family Heritage) of our theme CD series, but unique enough to deserve its own entry.

Are there ten strong Southern Gospel songs on fatherhood?

There are many on motherhood—we could probably find ten from Dottie Rambo’s pen alone—but are there ten good ones on fatherhood?

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  1. My favorite is a little stretch for SG. “In My Father’s Eyes” by the bluegrass gospel group, the Rochesters. Has 2 verses about an earthly father, then the third verse about the Heavenly Father.

    Another I think of immediately is the Dixie Echoes’ classic “Father’s Table Grace”.

  2. Related ones that would work would be “A Few Good Men” by the GVB and Count On Me.

  3. “I Want To Look Like You” on Austin & Ethan Whisnants CD called Brothers Forever.

  4. “I Want to Be Just Like You” would be perfect, except it’s not an original SG song…

    • The Kingdom Heirs did cover it, though, right?

      • I thought I had once heard an Sg versionon the radio, but wasn’t sure.

      • Yeah, the Kingdom Heirs covered it, but the song was originally CCM. Unless we’re allowed to include CCM covers?

        Incidentally, that’s a good example of a song where I actually prefer the original to the SG version…

      • I’d prefer SG originals, but from this list, it seems that most of what’s being named is only tangentially related or from another genre. 🙁 So we may have to to get ten!

  5. The Steeles had a song on their Left Behind CD called “I Am Your Father, I Am Your Son” I believe that one would fit… Yesterdays Preacher by Legacy Five is about Scott Fowlers dad…

    • I can’t seem to find that song, but the lyrics are really touching.

  6. Yeah, New SoGo fan, I thought of that too.

  7. Another off genre song would be the country hit “Watching You” by Rodney Atkins…

  8. Daddy’s Little Girl – Ryan Seaton (is he still SG)
    Thank God for Kids – EHSS

    • “Thank God for Kids” would be a nice fit, except it was originally a country song.

  9. I love “Sweet Baby Girl” by DBQ, but it’s not overtly religious.

    Don’t care, I love it!

  10. Jeff & Sheri Easter had a song called Daddy Hung the Moon. Darrell & Misty Freeman had a similar song called The Man Who Really Hung the Moon. The Booth Brothers had a song on their The Blind Man Saw It All cd called “Father”. “Stuff of Life” is also from a father’s perspective.

  11. You know, this is one area where country music has actually produced several really good ones. “The Car” and “He Didn’t Have to Be” come to mind immediately.

  12. Can’t believe I didn’t think of “A Good Heart” by EHSS.

    • That would fit, and it’s an SG original too.

  13. Scott Inman and I wrote one that Triumphant cut called “Now He Knows What Heaven’s All About”…and it’s about a preacher Dad. Terry Franklin and I have one just recorded by the Freemans about a Dad who is near death and anticipating Heaven; it’s called “I Can Make It From Here”.

    • Ah, yes! I should have thought of that one.

      I’ve yet to hear the new Freemans project. Hopefully I can pick up a copy at convention. 🙂

      • That’s cause it’s not out yet. 😉 Hopefully we’ll have some to give out at Convention!

      • Awesome! I heard them stage “The Father and the Son” a couple of months ago, and based on the strength of that song alone I have no question I’d review the CD.

  14. There is one that is similar to “I Want To Be Just Like You” that is SG, but for the life of me I can’t think of the song or group. I heard it on SG radio a few years back. I will try to find out and put it here.

  15. Speers recorded Dave Clark’s “Safe in My Father’s Arms” back in the 90’s. First verse was about our earthly father, second verse about our heavenly father.

  16. The song I was thinking of is possibly called “Walkin’ In My Shoes.” There was a line in it that said something like “He’ll always be walkin’ in my shoes.”

  17. What about the Crabb Family?? Two Little Feet. Tremendous song!!

    Not SG, but Mark Harris’ song “Find Your Wings” is a real tear jerker.

    • Well once we venture into CCM we could put down a lot of things. But as much as possible we’re at least trying to stick to SG…

  18. There is a certain bass singer who’s name I will hold in my heart that thought “Farther Along” was a song about a daddy.

    • Did he think the song was being sung from the perspective of a father? (Presumably he wasn’t under the impression that “our wonderful Savior” was a daddy… 😉 )

      • No, it’s just that he’s not very smart.

      • Well, the Dixie Hummingbirds sang it “Father Alone (Knows All About It),” but talking about the Heavenly Father. I wasn’t that fond of it, though.

  19. “He’s My Shadow”-Gann Brothers

    “The World Lost A Friend” and “Soldier Won The Battle”-Hemphills. Not necessarily about fatherhood per se, but based on the life of Joel’s dad IIRC.

    You could say “Just Because Of You” by the Cats fits here, especially Danny’s verse.

    “That’s What Jesus Means To Me” by The Cathedrals and the Statesmen before them.

    “Thanks To Calvary” is about a father who has his life transformed by Christ. The second verse of “The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference” has the same theme.

    “The Common Man” by the Statesmen is about a father who lost his son in Vietnam and almost lost his faith in God and America.

    Didn’t the Inspirations have one called “My Daddy Had A Friend” or something like that?

    A lot more Momma songs than Daddy songs….

  20. How about Daddy’s Knees? It was on Triumphant’s (Integrity’s) first album.

  21. Gerald Wolfe did a song that I think was called “A Father’s Heart’. Had the line “I sing lullabies and Amazing Grace”. I know I didn’t imagine this…


    The first verse of this one….

  23. I’ll put these here anyhow. “Things We Must Tell The Children” by the Gaither Trio, “Daddy Cut My Hair” (on Gaither DVD. Michael Kelly Blanchard”),”It Will
    Never Be the Same Again (Michelle’s Song)” by Gary McSpadden, “We Teach the Children” by Gary McSpadden.

  24. How about “Count On Me” by the GVB?? It’s not blatantly about fatherhood, but could still work, and was featured on a CD called “In Honor Of The Father.”

  25. Check out my first post, Kyle. 😀

  26. How about Karen Peck’s “Daddys Home” and “That’s My Child” from MidSouth Boys

  27. How about KPNR’s “While I Still Can?”

  28. Olivia Collingsworth has a few possibilities on her Then and Now CD.


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