Theme CD: Pro-Life Songs

This entry wraps up the six I had in mind when launching the theme CD series. If you have ideas for other entries, contact me and let me know! (Avoid discussing ideas in the comments, so we can keep on topic.)

When we raise the topic of pro-life Southern Gospel songs, a few good ones immediately come to mind. Are there enough good ones to record a theme on the topic?

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  1. YAY first comment and I know the most common one that comes to everyones mind is
    “Only God Knows” – Gold City
    but also the song “Jesus’ Rocking Chair” by the Greenes is another one…

    • “Only God Knows” – my first, immediate, and so far only thought.

  2. The first one that comes to my mind on the subject of “pro-life” is There’s a Miracle in Me – The Greenes.

  3. The first one that comes to my mind on the subject of “pro-life” is There’s a Miracle in Me – The Greenes.

    • I know Phil Cross set it up at the Song of a Lifetime event two years ago as a pro-life song, but was that the original meaning, or was it originally referring to new spiritual life in salvation?

      • Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve heard it sung by Phil Cross and his group, as well as the Greenes, and I’ve always heard them introduce it with a pro-life story. Therefore, that’s what I’ve always thought of it as. I guess it could apply either way!

  4. Not Southern Gospel, but easily could be. “What Was I Supposed to Be?” by Ray Boltz

  5. Although not SG, I would add “What Was I Supposed to Be” by A Cappella (might be a different song. (It seems like I heard Boltz’s once and it was different.) and A Baby’s Prayer by Kathy Troccoli. “Sometimes Miracles Hide” by Bruce Carroll is a good one too. I feel like I know others, but can’t think of them. I made a pro-life pre-service CD for church when we had a group there. I’ll try to check it.

  6. My first thoughts where the obvious (Only God Knows and Jesus’ Rocking Chair) but I would also suggest “Cry for the Children” by the Inspirations. By the way, I don’t think “Miracle in Me” was originally a pro-life song but would work if you included the story from the NQC video.

    • Those are the two that come to my mind as well LOL
      Great minds eh? haha!

  7. I also thought of “What Is My Name” by Quinton Mills.

  8. Only God Knows is one of the most tear-jerking songs ever written…. I can hardly listen to it without bursting out in tears… yet I still listen to it because it has such meaning…. probably one of my favorites of all time.

  9. The Nelons had “We’ve Got To Get America Back to God”, with the verse “Millions of Babies we’ve lost each year, what have we done to stop their tears. Christians rise up and let America here, we will take our country back to God.”

  10. Buddy Mullins: The Church Across The Street

    • Aaaargh… you stole my thunder. I was gonna suggest that one, but I forgot. Beautiful song!

  11. A very good new song on the new Palmetto State Quartet Cd is one called “Don’t That Sound Like Heaven”. Which contains a verse about abortion. The project is called “Grace”. It has just been released to radio. It truly is a wonderful new song that’s not afraid to address the subject!!!!