News Roundup #10

In the course of this busy week, a few stories didn’t quite merit their own post, mainly due to another post taking precedence that day. Let’s wrap up the week by catching up on a few news items:

  • Baptist Press featured an in-depth and fascinating interview with Isaacs matriarch Lily Isaacs (hat tip, JS).
  • Here’s an interesting article on Cleavant Derricks (hat tip, QN).
  • Harold McVey, who sang with Common Grace Quartet and (briefly) with Gold City, passed away earlier this week. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]
  • The Dove Brothers posted downloadable soundtracks from their upcoming CD, Life, before the project itself was available–then pulled them.

One more thing. Be watching for a post tomorrow that will call for some serious thinking–and guessing.

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  1. I’ll be anticipating the thinking post. They usually make for good discussion amongst us readers.

  2. Daniel, thanks for pointing your readership to “The Legacy of Cleavant Derricks,” an article I published at my own With a love for Derricks’s great songs and a fascination with his career, I set out to pen an article that explored his story in-depth. Prior to posting the article, I wondered if anyone would even care to read the aticle, but I am relieved to know that my hours and hours of research, interviews and time in front of the computer were not in vain! It’s encouraging to know that folks are checking out the piece and don’t mind telling their friends about it. Thanks!

  3. I looked through it just now … I didn’t have the time to read the whole article yet, but I was impressed with it. I can tell there’s a lot of historical SG information there that I was not real familiar with.

  4. I just noticed this on “Danny’s Diary” and thought it might be important enough to go in the comments section of a news roundup:

    “A little post script: Today, February 22, marks the second anniversary of the passing of pianist Anthony Burger. Also, today would have been the 78th birthday of George Younce. May they safely forever rest in His arms.”

    It kind of “hit” me just now.

  5. You’re welcome!