Size of donations at Concerts

Does the quality of a Southern Gospel concert affect the amount you put in the love offering? Do you give more if you thought the group was really good, and less if you thought it was a lousy performance? Or do you always give a set amount?

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  1. Interesting question, Daniel. I never give less than $20, but I have given more if I was “especially blessed,” which means that the group ministered to me greatly. I love to be entertained by the music, but I want more than entertainment when I go to a concert. I also try to support the groups by buying product.

  2. Whether they did well or not, they got there some how, and they’ll have to get back home….

  3. Discussion of quality of music by artists relative to love offering make one look toward the situations facing missionaries on furlough traveling the countryside raising enough monthly support to meet the standards set by mission board and organizations before going back for a another term on the foreign missionary field.
    The missionary that can communicate or has a heartwarming story to share to the faithful in the local church has a lot better opportunity reap in the support quicker than a missionary that works super hard and teaching at a missionary school in Denmark.
    It is one reason why you see more missionary oriented tour raising support as a team with more involvement by the missionary boards and organization to make the field more even for the communicator and the non-communicator in spread the need of going ye into all the world.
    We won’t do it today but there something to be said about “praise the Lord, I was saved from the pits of hell” (aka the fire escape salvation) or “by the grace of God, it could be me” testimony.
    It is natural to be affected by a “instant” conversion (you still have to work at it) testimony.
    Telling a audience you were saved in 1957 might not touched people to give as much.
    But on the other hand, it might depending on how you communicate what you been through between 1957 and today.
    Get the idea? Its about communicating and knowing what God want you to be.

    Quality is a standard that is applicable only in the in the eyes of the beholden.
    Quality in music from a technical musical perspective.
    Quality in music with a entertainment focus.
    Quality in music at the best level you can reached.
    Quality in music at that produced spiritual results you see today.
    Quality in music that produces results not seen today but eternity.
    Quality in music that is require at a national level.
    Quality in music that should be a regional level.
    Quality in music on a local level.
    Quality in music enhanced by other character traits, gifts & skills.
    The above is based on our judgement.

    God is the the only judge of the following…
    Quality in music being in God’s will and be your best to the Master.

  4. Goodness! I didn’t know this was such a complicated question!!! πŸ™‚

  5. Complicated?
    It all depends what your definition of “quality.”
    Quality to some might not be quality to others.

  6. I don’t know about that. You can either carry a tune or you can’t carry a tune. I think that knowing how to sing, and sing properly, is a measaure of quality.

  7. I can see GMF’s point, though. Some folks perceive the quality of the Inspirations and McKameys a little differently than the way they perceive the quality of GV or the Cats (not to mention the GVB, if you’re going to bring up highly polished). The way the Hinsons and Goodmans did it wouldn’t work for L5, although I love both styles.

    Some people perceive quality in restraint and perfect taste. Groups like the Hinsons had the quality of enthusiasm. I think GMF is saying that if you’re looking for a different quality, then SSQ might be disappointing to you, (say if you’re a Kingsmen fan), while the Hinsons might have been disappointing to a fan of … I don’t know … How could the Hinsons have been disappointing? πŸ˜€

  8. Come to think of it, I do know of at least one person who at least kinda likes SG but didn’t like Kenny Hinson. I can’t imagine it, myself. πŸ™

    You don’t like country twangs though, do you? πŸ™‚

  9. Perhaps to someone who really, really disliked country twangs?

  10. Well…I don’t like extreme ones, but I don’t consider Kenny’s to be an extreme twang. Generally, the less twang the better, in my book. πŸ™‚

  11. Does that mean,
    yuh duon’t wanna hre somebodhee singieen’ lika theeus -hes-hes-has?
    (That’s supposted to mean “You don’t want to hear somebody singing like this”? Trying to type a very strong country twang’s sound, in a humerous manner, is more challenging than I expected.)

  12. I don’t have an issue with specific styles. I like most of them that make up what is known as Southern Gospel. My issue is with those that pass themselves off as singers/vocalists and don’t know the first thing about singing (singing properly). That is more of a quality issue than if one prefers a certain style over another. Just my opinion…

  13. Correct. πŸ™‚

  14. Maybe if enough people do not attend those kind of concerts and services, those singers might come off the road.
    God does use people to open and close doors for other people.

  15. I know what you’re saying when you talk about the “twang.” (sorry, I don’t care for the Hinsons) My mom turns the radio off everytime the McKameys come on. They’re not THAT bad, I don’t think. I prefer Austins Bridge, (a little twang) but my dad prefers GVB and the like. I like most SoGo music. Or, you could be “anti-twang” and not listen to SoGo music at all, like my sister. Back to the real subject, I usually can’t give much of anything at a concert, mainly because all of my money goes to get into the concert! (I don’t make a lot of money, in other words.)

  16. i would try to give a set amount, because although in OUR eyes and OUR viewpoint one group may be better than the other, they all have the same bills to pay, and we must remember, WE are the ones that went to see them, so we must give credit where credit is due.