Riley Clark joins Tribute Quartet

Riley Clark, new Tribute Quartet tenor

Riley Clark

After singing with Tribute Quartet for two years, Brian Alvey will be moving on to accept a position in marketing and promotions. He leaves on good terms; in lead singer/manager Gary Casto’s words, “He leaves us with a spotless record of service and our best wishes for much success in his future career.” (That is one of the highest compliments I have ever seen paid to a departing member!)

Coming aboard the Tribute bus is eighteen-year-old tenor Riley Clark. Riley hails from Fairland, Oklahoma, and has graduated from the Steve Hurst School of Music. Casto stated: “We are absolutely thrilled to have found a wonderful Christian young man to join Tribute Quartet. He brings to the group a strong and natural tenor voice that we know our fans are going to love. In the short time I’ve known him, Riley has shown maturity and spiritual character, as well as a love for people. We believe his passion fits perfectly with the mission and message of our group, as well as all of southern gospel music.”

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  1. Glad to see another young person join a full time SG Group. Hope he sounds as good as Tribute’s other two tenors have sounded. Looking forward to hearing them.

  2. I really hate to see Brian leave, but I will be interested to see how Riley sounds with them.

  3. Well, it’s been my observation that Tribute Quartet has been two for two in finding great tenors and I expect nothing less from this young man. I don’t meant any disrespect to anyone, but vocally they lost nothing when Jacob left. He was great and he left some fairly big shoes to fill, but Brian filled them well–and plays a mean bass guitar, too. It is a credit to great management to consistenly find a tenor that is at par or better than the one who left, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we were all blown away by Mr. Clark. I wish Brian Alvey the best in his new position and eagerly anticipate hearing Tribute with their new tenor, too.

  4. I wish only the best for Tribute and for Riley as the new tenor. He does have huge shoes to fill as Brian Alvey is one of the finest musicians and singers I have ever had the honor of working with. And for the post above, not only can he play bass guitar very well, but can also play piano, lead guitar and steel guitar in studio quality. I am a fan of Brian and wish him well. As for Riley, I wish him only the best too, and hope to meet him soon on the road somewhere.

  5. Eighteen? Wow. Be interesting to hear what he sounds like.

  6. I was just watching Tribute clips on Youtube last night. Brian is one tough act to follow.

    • Gary Casto is one the classiest men in Southern Gospel music, as evidenced by his comments about Brian. As Daniel mentioned, that’s a WHOLE lot more than you see in most press releases.

      That being said, Gary also has a good track record of hiring great talent. He had Jacob Kitson, then Brian Alvey, and I’m looking forward to hearing Riley Clark. The guy is eighteen; a hire that young is enough alone to grab my attention, and obviously, he’s got something that got Gary’s as well.

      It will be interesting to see whether he possess similar vocal qualities to either of his predecessors, or if he brings something entirely new.

      • I agree – great comment.

        Hiring an eighteen-year-old is a risk – one I doubt Casto would take unless he’s confident in Clark’s talent.

        Plus, you’ve gotta admit the guy comes into Southern Gospel with a great name! 🙂

      • I’m hoping that we’ll be seeing some video soon. Otherwise, I won’t get to hear him till NQC!

        Yes, that’s a great name to enter the field with! 😀

      • Not only does it bring Gold City to mind, it also brings the original Cathedrals’ tenor to mind!

  7. Well, so far I’d say Gary Casto made a pretty good hire here.

  8. Just saw Tribute at Dollywood. Riley was fantastic!!!! The whole group was, but Riley really stood out. He can flat out sing and you could see his relatinship with God shining through. God bless Tribute Quartet in all they do.

    • Riley is hands down the best singer in that group. No question there! What a voice.

  9. Ever since Riley joined, I have become a huge fan of Tribute. I had heard them a little in the past, but he brings them to a different level IMO. I now have two Tribute CDs added to my SG collection.

  10. Its hard to believe its only been a year! Riley has grown up so much in his time with Tribute.