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  1. Wow! Really a great voice!

  2. Three comments from me:

    1. This kid is just incredibly mature for his age. No squeaking, no scraping, just a clear, full-bodied tone. Either he’s had excellent training from a professional, or somebody has just given him really good advice on how to use his voice. Rarely have I seen this kind of control in somebody this young.

    2. He’s not trying to be somebody else. (Though he may have been influenced by Steve Green, which ain’t a bad thing of course.) But my point is that he’s just himself. It’s his own voice. It’s not his whoever-whoever impression.

    3. It will be very interesting to see how big a range he really has. He sang most of this song in a baritone range (Mark Lowry), but he’s obviously a tenor. The question is just how high he can go. I’ll wager he’s got at least half an octave more in the upper register where this came from. But time will tell.

    • I thought I read that he went to the Steve Hurst School of Music.

      • Interesting! I should find out more about that school.

  3. I know this is off-topic, but please pray for Mike Bowling. He and his family have been in a bus accident. He and one other person had to be airlifted. Terah broke her arm, and I don’t know about Mrs. Bowling.

  4. Love love love Riley! I’ve met him several times at the Steve Hurst School of Music, and he’s just the sweetest guy with an incredible voice! I was so excited to hear he joined Tribute!
    And yes – the SHS offers amaaaazing training!

    • That’s good to know Allison! Always great to hear from people who know the artists. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. SG performers are the salt of the earth. Period.

  5. I just re-watched this performance, and it is still incredible—really showcases what he can do in his lower register.