Update on Bowling Family

Several media outlets are reporting a more detailed breakdown of the injuries in Mike and Kelly Bowling’s bus accident last night. Mike Bowling came out with fractures in his skull and his face, a brain hemhorrage, and a broken wrist. Kelly Bowling may have broken her ankle and has a vertabrae broken or crushed. Their daughter Katelanne had a broken clavicle (collar bone) and deep facial lacerations.

However, though several of the injuries, particularly Mike’s, are quite serious, the word is still that none are expected to be life threatening. So that is a huge praise report!

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  1. Thank God nobody is in serious danger. But they obviously need our prayers nonetheless. I can’t imagine the sheer physical pain some of them must be going through.

    • I pray from the bottom of my heart thaT THEY WILL BE HEALED QUICKLY and wholely, i love them and their ministry and praise god for families like rhem.

  2. I heard about the accident on the gospel station on the way to work today. It truly hurt me to my heart. I immediately began to pray to the Lord for his intervention, healing touch on their lives. After getting to work, i text’d my church family and friends requesting prayer for them. Thank the Lord no injuries seem life-threatening. Praying for their speedy recovery. Enjoy their music immensely.

  3. I first saw the news about The Bowling Family on facebook. I too was deeply touched and concerned and begin praying for God to be with them in a mighty way. He has and is!! God is wonderful!!! Praise His Holy name for being with them. May He continue to bless and heal them and may they draw more near and dear to Him as they continue to serve Him. They were at our church on May 21 in Augusta, GA and what a blessing!!! The Holy Spirit was truly in that service. I believe God is going to use this for His Glory.

  4. Were praying for the whole Bowling family thay they be healed and quick recovery, and one of the Crabb familys daughter, were praying for her too.

    We haven’t seen them in person, I have herd the Bowling family singers over the gospel radio stations 1051 f.M.

    Were glad they weren’t hurt worse then they were, well continue keep on praying for them.

    Clinton & Loraine


  5. An update on the Bowlings–in their own words! They’re on the mend and very thankful. This is the first part of the interview, there are more to the right:


  6. Dear mike and kelly ,family I spoke with tom yesterday to get an update on your conditation,he told me u all were doing better,at this time i’am so thankful to jesus that u all are doing better,u and your family are in my thoughts and prayers remember that god is still god and had every thing in his hands,if we are in his hands no man can pluck us out ,,stay strong in the lord, and the faith thru is word you all will be overcomers because god kno’s the plan that he has for us all as he told jeremiah,love and prayers pastor kay,joby fields and the souls harvest church befry KY,,41415
    psalms 121-1,2