Collingsworth Family announces DVDs

The Collingsworth family has spent the week at Gaither Studios in Alexandria, Indiana, editing their two upcoming high-definition concert videos. They also used this as the occasion to announce the titles and release dates; the two videos, Fear Not Tomorrow and A Decade of Memories, will both come out on September 1.

The projects were recorded in Flint, Michigan, with a live band and a full live orchestra conducted by Wayne Haun. The live orchestra was composed of members of the Flint, Ann Arbor, and Detroit Symphony orchestras.

The project will include two piano/orchestra songs, featuring Kim Collingsworth on piano–“The Holy City” and “My Tribute.” The songs were arranged by Kim Collingsworth and David Clydesdale; though Clydesdale is renowned elsewhere in Christian music, I had not noticed his name in credits on any previous Collingsworth project (and possibly any other Southern Gospel project, for that matter). I asked Danette Lavy, their office manager, if it was the first time Collingsworth and Clydesdale had collaborated. She replied:

It was quite a fluke and a miracle that she was able to get David.  Besides his work for WORD Music and Disney, he is the main pianist for a church in San Antonio and he lives in Nashville.  But, it was the week before Easter and the church in San Antonio was hosting the African Children’s Choir.  So, he had a week and a half empty before the church started their 8 Easter performances.  He had just written in his journal about 30 minutes before getting a facebook message from Phil Collingsworth that he needed the phone to ring ….. he had nothing on his agenda for the week.  He called Phil back immediately, as soon as he received the message and Phil & Kim headed straight down to Nashville to meet with him and arrange together.  Within a week, the arrangements were completed and the tracks were cut.

The arrangements are very dramatic, to say the least! They will be classics for Kim.

Undoubtedly they will–and be watching for reviews of the DVDs come fall!

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  1. Looking forward to this. They just keep getting better and better.

    • They do! And a live orchestra . . . now for that, I’m expecting over-the-top awesomeness!

      • Live orchestra—oh boy. We could be talking something on the level of the Together video in that case.

      • Better. A full live orchestra. 🙂

  2. Have fun reviewing them Daniel… 🙂 They’ll probably be on my Christmas list.

  3. Oh wow, I definitely going to need to check those out!

  4. “My Tribute?” Holy mackerel. I predict a standing-O for that one…

    • I will admit that I flat-out don’t like the song.

      That said . . . I will give a second (or, in this case, 247th) chance to any song Kim picks as a piano solo!

      I had even gotten burnt out on “How Great Thou Art” before she did it.

      • Does this mean that if everybody did a version of [pick your favorite song right now], you would come to dislike it in time as well?

      • Depends on how mediocre the renditions were!

  5. They are both very good!