Saturday News Roundup #55

In the news:

  • Via Libbi Perry Stuffle, Mike and Kelly Bowling are set to be released from the hospital today. Apparently Kelly will be in a body cast for three months, and Mike has “a very long road ahead.” News reports indicate that his seat was actually ejected from the bus after the bus crashed into the tractor trailer. (That news story, incidentally, contains a close-up picture of the demolished front end of the bus.)
  • Word has it that new Inspirations tenor Jodi Hosterman is taking their arrangements through the roof. Who ever thought the day would come when an Inspirations tenor would sing the G above high C? (That is the same note that Mark Trammell Trio tenor Eric Phillips would sing on “Glory Road.”)
  • Singing News has announced several new staffers, following the loss of several Boone, NC staffers due to the office transfer to Nashville, TN. Former Gold City bass guitarist Adam Borden will be a marketing consultant. Former McKameys / Segos member Rick Francis will take Kenneth Kirksey’s position handling radio charting. Salem Communications staffer Brent Randall will take Brian Franklin’s place as Online Editor.

Video of the week:

Yesterday, Greater Vision posted a behind-the-scenes video of the recording sessions for their upcoming Christmas CD:

Consider the comments section an open thread.

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  1. Ooh, I love “I Heard the Bells.” Also, is this the first time someone else has done “Joy, Joy, Unspeakable Joy”? I think that was written specifically for the Goodmans. Interesting. (Not that I didn’t know Gerald was a Goodmans fan.)

    It seems like it would be kind of hard to work up much inspiration while standing on tiptoe to get in front of the mike like that…

    Do you think all these songs will make the final cut? It seems like there are a lot of them. I love to hear GV do the old carols, and I trust they’ll be able to deliver the same “Christmas feeling” with the original ones that are showing up here.

    Is Gerald unable to sing without a mike? It’s funny the way he holds that pen in front of his face on “God Rest Ye…”

    I guess I better start saving my money!

    I emailed Gerald suggesting “When I Come to the End of the Way” the other day and didn’t hear anything. I hope that means he’s thinking about it, and not that his spam filter ate it! I didn’t know they were working on Christmas. It has been over ten years since their only Christmas album, which is one of my favorites.

    • I believe that every song you heard on that video, with one possible exception, will end up on the CD.

    • I bet Gerald gets a lot of e-mails…he might just be busy.

      • Oh, I know. I don’t know if I even expect an answer, but I really do wish he’d record the song!

  2. YESSS! Love the video, can’t wait for the CD. Gerald was gettin’ it on “O Holy Night”. Good to see he can still let her fly!

    • I sure hope that makes the cut. I wondered a bit about that one since they’ve recorded it before. Gerald’s rendition is my favorite version of my favorite Christmas song.

  3. Anything featuring Voices of Lee will be a higlight for sure. Oh, and who’s the guy conducting them on “I Heard the Bells?” He’s really getting into it!

    Love the clip of “Oh Holy Night.” No auto-tune there, just a great voice.

    • I think it’s the person who conducts and coordinates the choir, but I don’t recall his name.

      • The director of Voices Of Lee is named Danny Murray…don’t know why I’d remember that name!

      • 🙂 No relation, of course…?

  4. I’ve always enjoyed Greater Vision at the NQC, but I’ve never purchased one of their CDs. I think that is going to change. This project sounds excellent!

    • Oh, Brian…you are missing out! Listen to some of Greater Vision’s music! You will be blessed, I assure you!

  5. Hoppers recorded “Unspeakable Joy” on their “Glad Tidings” Christmas project (also re-released under a different title, don’t remember what it was).

    • The other name of the “Glad Tidings” album was “Great Joy”, its original title.

  6. I don’t believe I’d ever heard a tenor sing the G above high C. So I went and found Phillips doing it. Impressive. I don’t know though…can a mosquito be impressive? 😉

    • If its name is Eric Phillips, it can!

      • If you say so… 😉

  7. Greater Vision is just a step up with Chris back at Tenor. I’m sure this is going to be a fantastic recording! Looking forward to it.

  8. I might have missed it or something in your post, but the link I followed to the Inspirations Facebook page said Jodi hit the “A” about above High C, not the “G”.

    • That’s what David initially thought, but Jodi clarified it for him, so he posted a correction in the comments to that update.

  9. Oh please, I leave for 24 hours and come back to 45 new comments. I don’t even have time to begin!

    I’ll be back to work tomorrow and catch up with you!

    • That’s because I found an interesting topic to discuss today! I look forward to your input on that tomorrow. 🙂