Jonathan Wilburn leaves Gold City

Singing News is reporting that Jonathan Wilburn has left Gold City. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] He was the last remaining member of the Gold City lineup that swept the Singing News Fan Awards for several years after the Cathedrals retired.

Reports on the Singing News forums are that Bruce Taliferro is Gold City’s new lead singer. Gold City and Jonathan Wilburn are set to issue a joint press release on Monday.

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  1. I wonder if SN will keep all of Jonathan Wilburn’s award nominations?Seeing that the nominating doesn’t end for about two weeks,they probably will.

  2. i can’t believe that Jon isn’t with gold city anymore.
    He is my favorite lead singer!
    I am really going to miss Jon, just like I miss John “Jay” Parrack (my favorite high tenor).

  3. That’s kind of sad…. but it’s always good to introduce new artists to the southern gospel world. I hope to be one someday………….

  4. Oh, my lands. You really, really shocked me this time!! I can’t imagine. He’s one of the greatest lead singers around. I’m wondering whether he’ll join another group, go solo, or leave singing. I really can’t imagine either one of the last two for him.

  5. This really saddensme. I have had the opportunity to see GC 2 times since Dec. because they have been close to where I live. I really enjoy Jonathons singing and enthusiasm he’ll be missed.
    Larry Bedford

  6. Mercy sakes alive! Oh my!

  7. I am very saddened by this. The line-up of Jay, Jonathan, Mark, and Tim was what attracted me to the group in the first place. I am praying that Jonathan has peace following the Lord’s leading, but Gold City will never be the same for me.

    A fan in Arkansas

  8. Wonder if God has called him to preach? It’s a thought. If he was called, I know for sure he would go.

  9. We’ll miss him, but we have some great memories on recordings.
    Pull out your copy of GCQ’s volume 2 of the 20th Anniversary video/CD and find on it “He Said”. View “I’m Not Giving Up” on the video from Ireland. And watch “I’ll Say Thanks” on “Walk The Talk Live”- this is the Jonathon Wilburn the fans came to love.
    He is extremely unique, in the fact that he’s an expert communicator on stage. In my opinoion, along with Glen Payne, Jim Hamill, Jake Hess and McRray Dove, he falls in a class of lead singers/
    communicators with a unique quallity far above the normal.

  10. I hate to see Jonathan leave but I can only imagine the strain of traveling takes on him and his family. We all know life is short and I think Jonathan has proved he is one of the best in the business and if it is time to go then go with your fans blessings.

  11. I saw Gold City two weeks ago in Myrtle Beach and it sure was very different not seeing Jonathan singing with them. I sure did miss him. Bruce did a good job, but Jonathan was such a showman and had such great stage presence. I am sure I will get used to not seeing Jonathan on stage, but it will take a while. Jonathan was the best!!! Gold City will always be my favorite southern gospel group, but I will always remeber Jonathan on stage singing his heart out.

  12. Nossa estou muito triste, pois ele era fant├ístico!!!! Mas o Quarteto continua…

  13. This blog has never had a (legit) Portuguese comment before. To the best I can tell, the sense of it is, more or less, “We’re very sad because he was fantastic! But the Quartet continues…”

  14. Gold City Is not the same without Jonathan Wilburn keep us inform . I am hopeing he is going back on the road again soon.

  15. I’m sadden to hear that John has left the group, he will be missed and hopefully the Lord will continue to lift his voice and be heard where ever He leads him


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