Video: Riley Clark with Tribute Quartet

SGConcerts’ Diana Brantley has uploaded a 10-minute video of clips of one of Riley Clark’s first dates with Tribute Quartet:

Of particular note is “I’d Rather Have Jesus,” about 2/3 of the way through the video. Even if there was a weak note or two—after all, Clark has been performing professionally for all of two weeks—there’s a poise and confidence in Clark’s delivery that promises great things for the future. Besides that, the fact that his voice is one of the most pleasant tenor voices to come along in the last decade doesn’t hurt anything!

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  1. Yeah, it’s real easy on the ears. I’m always looking for tenors like that. Some of them are…well, not so easy on the ears!

  2. He’s good! Reminds me of Josh Cobb. Especially when he was with L5. Anyone else think so? Their faces even turn the same shade of red lol! Not that I blame them for how high they go!

    • Honestly, no, I didn’t really think that. Josh Cobb is great in other ways, but I’d describe Riley Clark’s strong point as being more the “carrying a lead quality into the tenor range” sort of tenor.

      • Exactly. Very well put. It’s a very balanced tenor. Doesn’t rely overly much on his “head voice.”

    • Not sure why, but when I saw his rendition of “I’d Rather,” I thought Ryan Seaton with a tenor voice.

  3. Thanks for sharing the video, Daniel. I have not had the pleasure of seeing and hearing the Tributes in person or even meeting them. But I admire their talents and sincerity.

    The new tenor is indeed very pleasant on the ears. They appear to be a wonderful unit and complimentary sum of the total individual parts. That combination can go far. God bless them.

    • You’re welcome! I believe they’re on mainstage at NQC again this year; perhaps you can catch them then.

      Besides being great singers, they’re really nice guys to talk with.