Hoppers to return to Spring Hill

After more than a year in the making—and four years since their last project of new songs—the Hoppers finally have a new CD about to hit the streets. The new CD, Something’s Happening, has a street date of August 24, and sound clips are here.

The biggest headline, though, is that they are returning to Spring Hill. That’s the label that got out of Southern Gospel five or six years ago and left them (and the Booth Brothers, Jeff & Sheri Easter, and Karen Peck & New River) all looking for labels. The Hoppers went to Canaan, and the other three went to Daywind. Perhaps the success (and Grammy win) of Jason Crabb’s latest solo project has persuaded Spring Hill that Southern Gospel is still alive and well. At any rate, Crabb’s mixed style is one thing, but Spring Hill appears to be a little more solidly back in the genre with the return of this bona fide SG group.

The project itself is a mix of new songs, several classics (“On the Authority,” “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow”), and one or two that are like new (“Something’s Happening,” which was cut by Mercy’s Mark—but their arrangement reached a different and smaller audience). It closes with the Legacy Five / Booth Brothers / Greater Vision / Hoppers collaboration “Statement of Faith.”

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  1. Looking at the track list, I noticed that another song from Mercy’s Mark’s “Something’s Happening” project is covered… “Living In The Arms Of Mercy”.

    • I knew I’d heard that somewhere before, but couldn’t quite place it. Thanks for the help on that!

  2. That’s not all they borrowed from Mercy’s Mark….”Something’s Happening” was also the title of their last CD.

    • Well, I did know that – and said so in the story above. (And yes, that was there originally. I didn’t just edit it in. I think Brandon can back me up on that, since judging from the wording of his comment he noticed my initial MM reference).

      • I meant that “Something’s Happening” was not only recorded by Mercy’s Mark, but it was also the title of the entire project (as it is here with the Hoppers). Not only are they singing the same song, but they also named the projects after the song.

        As for the Spring Hill deal, what happened to Mansion?

      • Oh, I see.

        On Mansion: Good question. I hadn’t thought of that. Not sure!

  3. I also saw on that page that they are gonna release “The Best of the Hoppers” DVD from Gaithers. I would like to get that one it looks good.

  4. I am wondering why the Hoppers did not follow the other three groups to Daywind four years ago…

    I am really looking forward to this upcoming release! The soundbites are great! I really like the song “He Remembers To Forget” That one was written by Jim Brady…

  5. Having heard “Something’s Happening” and “On the Authority” in concert, I’m hoping the rest of the CD is just as good… I know it’s hard to judge by soundbites, but doesn’t seem to compare to “The Ride.” Is it wrong to think they’d have more than 11 songs after waiting four years for a major recording (not counting “Statement of Faith”)?

    • Suppose they had 11 songs they really liked and 4 more they thought were OK. Wouldn’t it be better just to cut the really good ones?

      • I’d rather spend $20 for a CD with 15 songs than $20 for a CD with 11… It’s just kind of shocking they wait four years for a non-“table” release and only have 11 “new” songs…

  6. That is weird about Mansion. They just “signed” an “exclusive distribution” agreement in February. [EDIT, 2/21/13: Broken Link Removed.]

    Now, here they are with Spring Hill and EMICMG just five months later…looks like their deal with Mansion fell through.

    • I may be wrong but I believe the Mansion distribution agreement was to distribute their Unforgettable ablum. I don’t think it extended beyond that.

  7. It’s a little disappointing that the only two truly fast songs on the CD are remakes…maybe I overlooked one, though.

  8. Jeff & Sheri’s latest release, “Expecting Good Things”, was released with Spring Hill’s name on it..not Daywind’s. So maybe they’ve gone back, too? Gordon Mote’s past 2 cds have had Spring Hill’s name on them as well.