Pandora Radio

A couple of weeks ago, I set up an account at Pandora Radio, It is a free online radio service that plays a customized mix of songs based on songs you’ve said you like (or don’t). You set up an account by defining one or more artists whose style you consistently enjoy, and refine results in the future by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down when you particularly like a selected song.

Their Southern Gospel selection is decent, though with a rather heavy focus on Homecoming artists (as would be expected from a project that is not SG-specific). Crossroads artists are featured from time to time; Daywind artists seem to appear more rarely than their popularity in the genre would suggest.

One tip: Don’t click thumbs up on songs you like but only want to hear occasionally. Songs you’ve marked thumbs up are circulated back into the rotation frequently, and the only way to break that is by clicking thumbs down, which more or less removes the song from rotation altogether.

Pandora doesn’t have a wide enough selection to supplant live365 stations and streams of physical AM/FM stations yet, but it is based on an interesting concept and seems to be an enjoyable site.

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