Dallas Rogers joins Cross 4 Crowns?

A recent commenter on my post about Dallas Rogers leaving the Dixie Echoes notes that Dallas is now performing with the Cross 4 Crowns quartet. While there doesn’t seem to be any press release on the group’s website about Rogers joining them, concert reports indicate that he’s being introduced as their newest member.

Based on the clips on their website, they seem to have the sound quality of a professional group. [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.] (Not just a good regional group, but a professional group.) Adding a higher-profile singer who has built fans during his time with a major group should help give them a chance to get attention on a national level.

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  1. I thought Dallas left the Dixie Echoes to drive bus for HisSong? That must have been a short lived experience…but then again it seems most of Dallas’ tenures are short lived…By the way, who is Cross 4 Crowns? Never heard of them, its a shame he couldn’t be with a national group.

  2. Bryan,

    It’s fairly common for an SG performer between groups (and currently looking for a group) to drive for an SG group needing a bus driver in the interim.

    I think that’s one way group members help each other make ends meet between groups.

  3. Her is the link:

    They are doing it the right way.
    Started out singing any place they can find!
    Taking their time:
    “Cross 4 Crowns was formed in 2003. The group traveled locally to regionally for the next 2 years..”
    Two years later
    “After being called into the ministry full-time in September of 2005, the Lord began opening doors all across the country.”
    Now in 2008
    Their schedule doesn’t look too bad for starters: [EDIT, 11/8/10: The link is broken and has been removed.]

  4. I just think it’s funny that Dallas told me straight to my face that he didn’t know what he was going to do when he left the Dixie Echoes. The very next week there was a press release out saying that he was going to be driving for Hissong. That lasted, what, a couple months, and he’s back on the road again.

    I thought he wanted to spend more time with his family. Isn’t that what the original press release about his departure from the DEs said?

  5. Traveling with a regional group, or a group closer to home, may indeed allow him more time at home.

    (Friendly reminder: Play nice in the sandbox, everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

  6. Everyone has to make decisions in their life and do what is best for them and for God. Sometimes those decisions are made on the fly due to circumstances. Cross 4 Crowns is based in Mascot, TN on the outskirts of Knoxville, which is only a couple of hours from his new home in Nashville. This should give him the best of both worlds with his family and in his ministry.
    Dallas is a wonderful singer and has a terrific stage presence. He could make a huge impact on seeing lost souls saved, which after all is the main reason for our beloved brand of music.
    Let’s be positive and lift him up and be thankful that he is using his talents for spreading the Gospel message.

  7. Great thoughts, Byron. Amen.

  8. Thanks Daniel. I would also like to add this. You mentioned in the post that Cross 4 Crowns sounded like a professional group. You are correct in saying that. I watched them perform live last night and they sing and conduct themselves like a seasoned So. Gospel quartet. One reason behind that may be the fact that they are managed by David Hoskins. While a lot of folks may not immediately recognize that name, he has been an intergral part of So. Gospel for years. He came up through the ranks as a musician playing in groups such as the King’s Servants, Kingdom Heirs, Hoppers, Jerry Goff, and the Talley’s. He was one of the most popular DJ’s at Mull’s WJBZ radio station and he was also the manager of Crystal River when they made their first big break through in So. Gospel. Now he is managing Cross 4 Crowns and I personally know that he has a passion for this type of music and is able to lead them into being more than just a regional quartet.
    I’m looking forward to great things from this group of guys!

  9. If memory serves me correctly I think this group have done a lot of Kingdom Heirs songs that have played on enlighten34. Pretty good sound to me.

  10. i think someone might’ve mistaken dallas for a guy named dusty…i saw c4c recently and i know whoever it was wasn’t dallas rogers…i still wish dallas and tracey were with the dixie echoes…they had such a great sound together!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I saw them at GMT this past year [and was not impressed]. [EDITED. Sorry, wrong blog.]

  12. No Janice, it is 100% Dallas Rogers. I can see where you would think that Dallas would be confused with Dusty Barrett that sings with Crystal River, but that is not the case. They are similar in appearance from a distance. He hangs out with the guys from C4C and has done some fill in, in fact, he was at their last concert in the audience. I personally know these guys and Dallas is the new tenor for C4C. There will be a press release coming soon. I was given permission from the group’s manager to announce about Dallas on my blog.

    As for Tracey Crouch, I miss him with the Dixie Echoes too. But, you can keep up with him on his blog: http://cajunbass.blogspot.com/
    He is a great bass singer and although he is going into law enforcement, I hope he still uses his talents for the Lord. I have the sneaking susupicion that he won’t be able to stay away from Southern Gospel, he loves it too much. He sure is a blessing.

  13. I can promise you that Tracy (no E in Tracy) is 100% happy with the path he has chosen. After all, he left the road to pursue a new career and to be able to stay at home with his family…which is exactly what he’s doing. :o)

    As for Dallas being missed with the Dixie Echoes. If you liked Dallas with them, you’re SURE to LOVE Wesley Smith. They’re sounding awesome these days.

  14. Speaking of Dusty Barrett, anybody know what’s going on with Crystal River? Someone on the SN forums said that they had just done their last concert and they were disbanding, but I’ve seen no such statement from the group. http://www.bsaworld.com is still showing their schedule up through September, too. Anybody know anything about it?

  15. Does anybody know what happened to the last tenor singer Cross4Crowns had?

  16. Didn’t Crosses 4 Crowns have a song called “Now I’m On My Way To Heaven” (which was written by Squire Parsons) on the radio?

  17. I can tell you as fact that Dallas moved where he was told to move. Now, I have heard Wesley with DE, and he is a terrific replacement. Has great quartet ‘style” and in Pensacola isn’t too far from his home in Alabama. The DE’s sing it the right way and Wesley looks and acts perfect in this group.

  18. This is Davis the lead singer from Cross 4 Crowns. Let me address Dallas. There will be an announcement as to who our new tenor is next week. Dusty Barrett has been filling in with us. Secondly, for the blogger above, our sound at GMT was horrible and our tracks got messed up. We actually are full-time and our first two radio singles went to in the top 50 in the country. Our previous tenor Jonathan Kunkle is persuing a career in the hotel industry with his wife’s parents as the owners. Until an announcement is made as to who our tenor is, you shouldn’t make assumptions. I am much appreciate that you guys like our sound. Make sure to pick up our new project, “Turning Point” produced by Arthur Rice. You will love it as much as we do. The songs are both entertaining and spiritually uplifting. God bless all you great fans!!

  19. Davis,

    You should be able to “sing” no matter what sound you are on. A microphone and speakers have nothing to do with singing off pitch, and having horrible tone control. Sure, you might not be able to hear yourself, but if you are a real singer, you know how to adapt and listen to yourself, and the other guys in the line-up, in order to blend and stay on pitch. As for your group…you did not do any of that. It was like ya’ll didn’t know how to handle the situation. We sang during that week, on the same system, and though we couldn’t hear ourselves, we knew, as trained singers, to handle the situation professionally, and work our mics correctly to fix the problem; not to mention we stayed on pitch. When your tracks messed up, and only the stacks played, it didn’t even sound like you guys. I work in a studio, and I know all about melodyne and vocalign. Melodyne allows you to correct pitch, and move notes around to put everyone on the correct part. Vocalign syncs the vocals to move together, as one unit. Arthur is great at using those programs, as he does most of Crossroad’s vocal editing. If you know what to listen for, you can hear the processing on your cd. Being full-time does not mean a whole lot, my friend. I can cut grass all day everyday, and that doesn’t mean I’m good at it….I just do it full-time. Having a song in the top 50 is nothing. Anyone with a little money, and connections can garner that position. Its when you get into the top 30 and above that really matter. I hope the best for you guys, as a regional group, because that is where your group level is maxed.

  20. Keep criticisms constructive, everyone…

  21. The PA’s setup does make a world of difference in how a group sounds: Regardless of the quallity of singing, it can help, and it can seriously harm.

  22. Daniel,

    From some of my previous post, I have tamed up a lot of my comments, but for the record, I only want to enlighten everyone on the truth. I am a very blunt critic…lol….but I feel there are so many artists out there that are missing the point. Thanks for letting my whole post stay online. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Not that I’m an oldtimer, but any means, but what happens when there are no mics or speakers, or vocal processors? The point is, that a sound system only amplifies what you put into it. Sure…it can be very aggravating to have a bad system, or sound engineer….but that should never affect how you sing. Thats when you stop paying attention to the monitors and start listening to yourself, and the other guys. C4C, and many other groups depend on the system to make them sound great. And in many ways, it can…but it should never hide the fact of wether you can sing or not. I hope this helps you understand.

  23. I don’t know about all the GMT stuff, but all I know is what I heard Thursday night with C4C and The Talley Trio. These guys used NO Stacks whatsoever and absolutely brought the house down!! Their vocals were incredibly tight, and I overheard the Talley’s speaking of how impressed they were. I’m sure everyone can have a night where everything goes wrong, even you, insider….it’s just unfortunate that it happened on that night. I think you are mistaken about their ministry maxed out at a “regional” level…and if I were an artist, I probably would really appreciate the support of my piers, but unfortunately, like in many of our churches, we are all so ready to “eat our own”…..Southern gospel is suffering, and I believe artists could indeed help the industry by supporting each other.

  24. I am all for supporting the artists that have talent… and don’t sing cover tunes…. I am not suffering in this industry. The Lord has provided me a wonderful gift of talent to share with a lost and dying world, and His people have supported me generously. My bills are paid, and my group has been a mainstay for quite some time now. It’s the fact that most church folks and concert goers have a hard time knowing what is good talent, and what is not. If you spend the money, and put your stuff out there, and make yourself look big, those people will perceive you as just that. Even if you can’t sing. And the only bad night I have, is when I have lost my voice, and can’t sing. Other than that, I’m on 100%. I don’t think those guys were all sick that day. They knew they blew it; you could see they were nervous wrecks, and were embarrassed, because they left directly afterwards. And how do you know they didn’t use stacks?

  25. Insider,

    It really hurts to hear all the negative things you are saying. Why can’t artists support each other rather than cut each other down. We are and should be doing this for one reason…to uplift Jesus. We aren’t in competition with each other here. I was not making excuses about about GMT. If you were there, you should know that my mic didn’t work and we asked them to pan our tracks so that the stacks were left out and they did the opposite. It had nothing to do with professionalism or experience. I am not a child and have been singing a long time. Just because your group is a “mainstay” doesn’t mean you know more than anyone else. I would hope that if I heard you sing and something went wrong I would not assume you didn’t know what you were doing, but that there might have been a problem with something. We weren’t sick either and we didn’t leave. We were at our table like everyone else. I am sorry that you think so badly of other Christians and can justify saying things like you are saying. For everyone else, the proof is in the pudding. Come hear us and let what we do be a factor in your opinion of us. We love singing and love seeing souls saved. Unfortunately, some people in this industry want to get ahead, so they have to cut others down. Please forgive me if I have said anything offensive because it wasn’t my intent. I do this for my Lord and to serve his kingdom only. We do not have a lot of money, and everything we have is because God saw fit to bless us with it. Insider, I hope we can meet someday and shake hands in Christian fellowship and keep this industry about what it should be about….spreading the word. I apologize if I mislead you and other bloggers. We are real, and we did not sing with stacks the other night, but that doesn’t matter. All we have is from the Lord and I am grateful for everything he has given me.

    In Christ’s Love,

  26. Davis,

    Don’t worry about the “Insider.” He is not what he says. I really doubt that anyone with his so called credentials would be on this site spouting this junk. He is either a bitter has-been or never-was or he is pulling everyones chain out of spite. Either way it makes no difference.

    The good thing about this is that many people have visited your website to see for themselves. I enjoyed what I heard and now I will watch for your group along the way.

    Insider: Put up or shut up. If your opinion is so valuable….tell us who you are and who you sing with. It will carry a lot more weight in this discussion. Otherwise….your little act is geetting old.

  27. Hey Davis,
    I don’t know any real “insiders” that would act the way this “poser” does… all I know is that on our station I have been playing “I’m Going there” in a heavy rotation and I don’t play many “regional” groups, only the best! I must say although, I hate your bass singer! Nobody that young should have that good a bass voice! lol Dusty or Dallas, either would be a great vocal addition to your group and both are very classy and personable guys on and off the stage. Although, going on track record Dusty would stay longer…:o)


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