Introducing Freedom Singers

Via Scott Fowler, here’s a fascinating video about a trio from Romania who fled to North America in search of religious freedom. It’s definitely worth the thirteen minutes: [EDIT, 2/21/13. Broken link removed.

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  1. What a testimony! Take the time to listen to that 13 minute video, and then visit their site to listen to some of their songs.

    When the truth of the message intersects with the dedication of the heart, the “performance” lessens in importance. They are not as polished as many groups on the SG stage, but that really does not matter.

  2. Wow. I had my hands in the air by the end of that video. Praise God! That baritone has a beautiful tone too.

    • Daniel,
      Thanks for posting this video clip. These guys are the real deal. Gaither just had them on Suturday night at Family Fest and his exact quote to me was, “I needed a moment tonight…they were THE MOMENT of the weekend!”
      They are wanting to come to the U.S. and do some church dates, so let your pastor know about them and let’s get them here to tell their amazing story!

      • Scott, thank you so much for what you’re doing to promote these guys. Pure voices, pure hearts, and a profoundly moving testimony. I know God wants more people to hear their message, and I believe He’s using you for that purpose. I know He plans to works through this group in a mighty way!

      • Scott, thanks! Unfortunately my church is too small – I’m in a small home church / Bible study that meets in a house right now. But I hope other people will be intrigued by this.

      • I would love to have them in the church I pastor, but we are in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. A “far piece” from Canada.

  3. This shouldn’t cause any confusion with John Rulapaugh and Josh Garner’s trio at all.

    • Is this a serious or a sarcastic statement?