George Amon Webster has serious fall

According to Facebook status updates from Daniel Childs and David Mann, former Cathedrals baritone George Amon Webster, now singing baritone with the Toney Brothers, fell down one and a half flights of stairs today, and has been taken to the hospital. Webster would have to be at least in his sixties by now, but a fall of that magnitude would be a serious matter for anyone. Please keep him in your prayers.

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  1. Via The Toney Brother’s Facebook Page – George shattered his left elbow in the fall. He has since then been to two different hospitals, is in a lot of pain and may face surgery sometime today.

  2. Hidee,
    Thanks for letting me know about George Amon. He had a severe stoke several years ago. I am lifting him up in prayer as I type!

  3. I hadn’t replied here, but heard about it on Facebook after it happened. I pray all goes well.

  4. Kacey Kemps Facebook states that George Amon has come through surgery with flying colors and is recovering.

  5. Sorry… Kasey Kemp, not Kacey.

    • LOL….Thanks, David.

  6. My dad, George Amon Webster, did indeed take a serious fall and has a shattered left elbow. He has also complained of left hip pain and after a number of tests they found his hip socket to be cracked, and bed rest is the way for it to heal. Also, while incubating him for surgery they found a golf ball size mass on his neck and have taken cells from it for testing. As many of you also know, my dad has cataracts in both eyes and is in the process of scheduling surgery for them. Keep him in your prayers, and God willing this will be a time for him to rest, heal and come back to serve Christ like he never has before.

    • Thanks for the update – I’ll keep praying!

    • Just learned of George’s misfortune. I want him to know I am praying for his recovery. God can do miracles so do not let the doctors discourage you. George, I really missed you at Floyd this year.

  7. George : I pray for you and pray God will
    restore your health.You are one of my
    favorite singers and a very talented man.
    We sang together for awhile with Charles
    Booth.It was a great sound….

    I love you my brother….Bobby Clark


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