Singing News top 10 songs of the year

Out of curiosity, I decided to check how many of the Singing News top 10 Song of the Year nominees were on YouTube.

Perrys – Holy Shore

Ivan Parker – I Choose

Legacy Five – I Have Been Changed

Greater Vision – It Means Just What it Says

Booth Brothers – Look for Me (I’m assuming. perhaps mistakenly, that this is the same song they’ve been singing for years)

Brian Free & Assurance – Prayin’ Man

Triumphant Quartet – The Great I Am Still Is

Kingdom Heirs – What We Needed

I couldn’t find two–the McKamey’s “You are With Me,” and the Inspirations “If You Only Knew” (though I could find a photo montage of the latter.)

YouTube has become one of the first places where people go to check out artists whose name they have only heard. This is the first year where Southern Gospel is represented to this degree.

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  1. That Dinana person really gets around, doesn’t she? She posted 4 of the 8 clips you referenced!

    On a more serious note, the electronic media is quickly becoming the way artists keep in touch with their fan base and the way fans and prospective fans check out the artists. I welcome the technology of YouTube and MySpace.

  2. I didn’t realize until I read this that I had so many of the nominated songs on youtube!! But I sure am having fun posting them – and even more fun enjoying them in person.

    Thanks, Daniel!