Michael English back on road

Via Mark Lowry’s blog (and Michael English’s Twitter account), English is back on the road with the Gaither Vocal Band. Lowry posted:

Some of you have asked if Michael is back on the road with us for good. Yes. His voice is not 100%, but the doctor said he could go back on the road as long as he doesn’t sing above an ‘E’, and then work up over time. Last night, in Asheville, NC he sang great. He only sang on a couple of songs but he sounded great on those and it was incredible to sing with him again.

English fans aware of what happened the last time a Gaither Vocal Band lead singer went on an extended hiatus will be glad to see that this episode has a happier ending.

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  1. I had gotten that impression by English’s twitter account yesterday although what I read had no official announcement. Man, being restrained to just an E would be tough on him. Lowry gets higher than that in the arrangements. Nonetheless, it is nice to see he is on the saddle again even if he isn’t able to ride the race horses yet. I hope soon he is back to full voice knocking out those Bb’s again.

  2. if i understand what english had done (discectomy) -i am recovering from the same surgery. i had mine on st paddys day (mar 17) and just got out of my neck brace last monday-almost 4 months. the surgery went well but is still a LONG process. I cannot imagine straining to sing high notes. i have not even been allowed to lift over 5 pounds. A gallon of milk weighs 8 pounds the dr tells me. I am in physical therapy now. I imagine michel has been experiencing similar.