Free mp3 Download: “In Christ Alone” (Lauren Talley)

Lauren Talley released her fourth solo project, Songs in the Night, several months ago. The first single, “The Extra Mile,” went to #15 on the Singing News radio charts. Her second single will be her rendition of “In Christ Alone.”

Here is a free download of the song: [Edit: This promotion has ended; keep watching the site for future promotions!] This will be available through next Monday.

Lauren also has a live concert video available for free download on her site [Edit: That has also ended.] Also, if you sign up to get email notification of new posts on her site, you can get a second free mp3 from the CD, the title track, “Songs in the Night.” [Edit: This is still available, on an ongoing basis.]

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  1. Sorry, this is album number 4 -not 3. : )

    • Oh, yes – of course. Can’t believe I made that mistake. Thanks for catching it!

  2. Somebody said this arrangement was reminiscent of the Avalon one, and while I agree…man, Lauren sure sings it an AWFUL lot better. 😉

    • If I would compare this version to any (and they all really are very very similar) – I would compare it to Natalie Grant’s. There’s no touching that girl when it comes to singing…

      • (unless you’re Lauren Talley, at any rate.)

        And yes, I have heard Natalie Grant, and I think I ejected the CD or turned off the YouTube video before the first song was over.

      • Natalie doesn’t really impress me that much either. She has some natural talent, but unfortunately she dresses it up with pop/diva stylings that bury whatever innate beauty her voice had to begin with. Still, she has had a couple songs that I found pretty good. For example, I’ve always liked this song called “In Better Hands.” Very powerful song about trusting God during hard times:

      • Ditto for this song, “Held.” Not quite as good, but incredible lyrics:

      • “Held” is Natalie’s biggest hit to date and one of the biggest Christian music hits of the 2000s – I’ve never heard anyone say that that song wasn’t as good as “In Better Hands”…wow…

      • I think “Held” is good—did I say it wasn’t? Musically speaking though, I think “In Better Hands” flows better, and I also think her vocal is a bit better on that one. Just IMO though. 🙂

      • That’s just sad…

      • OK. I just gave her another chance and played the “Held” video linked above. I made it 25 seconds. Too breathy – as I’d remembered before.

        Chris, maybe we should just leave it as this: You completely can’t understand why I’d prefer Lauren, and I completely can’t understand why you’d prefer Natalie – so let’s just say that there’s no accounting for musical taste! 🙂

      • Thanks you guys for reminding me of a blog post I had the idea for over the weekend concerning Natalie Grant.

        Sorry Daniel, I’m going to side with Chris on this after seeing her performance of “I Am Not Alone” on an older Gaither video over the weekend. Big, powerful voice with great range. Maybe you should force yourself to give it more than 25 seconds. To be fair, that’s a pretty small sample size. See if you can find a YouTube of the Gaither appearance.

      • Feel free to side with him; that’s OK and it doesn’t offend me. I know that if she’s really big in CCM right now, that must mean there are a bunch of people who can tolerate her style, and that’s fine with me.

        I’ll take your word that good stuff comes later in the song – I just don’t want to have to listen through singing that breathy to get to it!

      • Wes, I did find the video of “I Am Not Alone.” I forced myself to watch the whole thing because I kept telling myself it had to get better …but it didn’t. To be sure, she has the power and the range, but I much prefer a purer singing style. Too much breathing and changing up for me.

      • Thank you so much for sparing me the trouble!

      • 🙂 “Walk on through the rain, with your head held high…You’ll neeeeever walk aloooooone…” or something like that. 😆

      • Just listened to Avalon, Natalie Grant & Kristen Getty ALL singing “In Christ Alone” – comparing like for like –

        and cutting back to Lauren Tally singing her ‘new’ version of the same song.

        Three things stand out:
        1) CCM is stylistically in a different ball-park from SGM.

        2)Lauren is at the younger/less traditional end of the SGM spectrum , so she is well placed to import a CCM song if desired; and,

        3) She knocks all the other versions out of the park. Whichever park you might be in :-).

      • “She knocks all the other versions out of the park. Whichever park you might be in”

        Preach it, brother! 🙂

      • Most interestingly Daniel,

        I just followed up something that was niggling in the back of my sub-consciousness ;-)….

        Got Natalie Grant singing, “I Am Not Alone” on YouTube –

        I think this is a Gaither Homecoming video?? Janet Paschal is applauding warmly in the background.

        What jumps out at me is this – different genre, different approach:

        dress different, stage style different, singing different, etc…

        Result? Good song, well sung, good singer too!!

        So, are the SGM folks being put off by the CCM presentation?

        Or, “Could She Make It In SGM?”

        Actually yes, if Natalie sang like this. I did see a fair resemblance of this ‘image’ in Lauren too, to be fair, whereas, for example, the music video for “Held” leaves me totally bewildered as to which Natalie Grant is the real gospel artist?

        Breathy in denim-rock?

        Beguiling in video-frock?

        Or Home-coming belter in blouse? 🙂

        Whichever – the latter maybe does hit a home-run in SGM, I could concede that.

      • Actually, I’m an enthusiastic supporter of well-presented CCM. I’m probably more flexible in that area even than Daniel. I was into CCM long before I got into SG. So it’s not like I’m against the genre. I am, for example, a huge fan of Twila Paris, and she’s CCM. But she has one of the cleanest, purest female voices I’ve ever heard, and her music is full of truth, beauty, and substance. Stylistically, she’s my bag all the way.

        So see, SG fans can be broad-minded too. 😉

      • Oh, and I like Lauren’s version (and she’s far and away the best out of those three), but I think I’d have to go with Steve Green or the Booth Brothers for all-time favorite version. Maybe the Booths? I’ve played their version over and over and over…can’t get enough of it, it’s that good.

  3. I hate to say this, but I’m kinda disappointed. I was hoping this was the Michael English version from 1990.

    • Both are nice songs, but I think this one’s a better fit for her voice.

  4. I feel like I did Michael en injustice by posting that last clip without listening to it first. His voice went before that performance.

    This one is much better….

  5. IMO I would argue that there is not one female vocalist in all of SG that can touch Natalie Grant. I love Lauren but Natalie is in a whole different league. I’ve seen both live in concert and own CDs of both of them. I’m just saying 😉

    • Perhaps she hits the target she’s aiming for, but whatever it is, it’s just not my cup of tea. I’ll take Lauren, Libbi, or TaRanda any day.

      • Or my personal favorite, Charlotte Ritchie. 🙂

      • Actually, sorry, my absolute favorite would be Cynthia Clawson, but I still like Charlotte.

        Anybody who thinks Cynthia can’t touch Natalie Grant…should maybe rethink. 😉

      • Kim Hopper,

        Joyce Martin,

        Sonya Isaacs…..

        on a bad day even.

        I truly do NOT get the superlatives in use here. Maybe a live concert has something I can’t catch on a DVD /CD, but vocally, no way does any of the top females in SGM rate lower than Natalie [don’t care for Cynthia though, personally]

        I suppose we all looking for different things – so we listening in different contexts?

        Maybe, but I still don’t quite get it.