Eddie Crook joins Prophets Quartet

prophets-pub-copy.jpgThe Prophets Quartet announced yesterday that they’ve landed another legend, adding former Happy Goodmans pianist / record label executive Eddie Crook as their piano player. Eddie Crook has known Prophets manager Ed Hill for nearly 50 years and says he is “honored to be part of the return of the Prophets.”

The Prophets have had several lineup changes in the approximately two-year interim between the formation of the group and today. At least the changes have been for the better!

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  1. Have they performed more than a dozen times in those two years?

    It’s difficult to judge whether a change is “for the better” when the public has few if any opportunities to hear how those changes affect their sound.

    If you’re talking about improvements based on name recognition, their last piano player was probably as well known and legendary as Eddie Crook.

  2. The new Prophets have been one of the top “un stories” in gospel music in the past year. We’ve seen personnel changes, and have read Mr. Jackson’s blogs, but when are they going to release this long promised recording?

    I have worlds of respect for Ed Hill and Bill Baize. I expect no less than the best from these two gentlemen. Obviously, Mr. Gaither thinks Mike Allen is a great singer. I don’t know him, so I can’t comment about him. I’ve also followed Eddie Crook since he was a young pianist with the Tennesseans. That being said, when is the quartet going to live up to the hype? Have they done more than one concert?

    I’ve been looking for this new CD for almost a year. What’s the hold up?

    Prophets, you have a great name to embody. Your potential fans are waiting, but we’re running out of patience.

  3. I wonder how much of this involves record compay politics? Can we forsee the Prophets joining with ECC, and will this further delay the release of the 1st project?

  4. hey dudes! Cut ’em some slack. They are a bunch of old guys that can do anything they want to do. They probably have some good reasons for the delays. My understanding was that they would mainly be a recording and TV group anyway.

    I think the SN release said that the Cd was about ready. Quaid might be on to something too. There is not another group like The Prophets in existence. Labels might be makin’ em offers to get to release this album. HOLD ON JOHN!


  5. I was a member of the Prophets Quartet with Ed hill and we used to have a saying . Once a Prophet always a prophet . I still am. Good luck boys .. Go out there and get em’.

    • I am Carls son. I have not seen him for years but as a child all I remember is the stories my father told about his group and the songs that he would sing from those days. Just as he feels a part of the Prophets, so do I.

  6. Neat hearing from you–thanks for posting!