Matt Felts joins Perfect Heart

Perfect Heart

Mike Presnell, bass singer for Perfect Heart during their glory days, in the early to mid 1990s, recently brought the group back. The group announced yesterday that they have hired Matt Felts, who has sung with Monument Quartet, the Skyline Boys, and Cross 4 Crowns, as their new tenor. “Matt has proven himself to be a premier talent in Southern Gospel but more importantly his deep desire to see God’s kingdom grow line up perfectly with our group’s main goal,” Presnell said.

Felts said that it was an “incredible honor” to join Perfect Heart: “They were the very first live concert I ever attended and I’ve always been a fan of Mike’s. Though they have a rich tradition, I am more excited about all that God has in store for us.”

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  1. I have always been a fan of Perfect Hearts. I’m excited they are back. I’m looking forward to hearing this lineup. Mike and Matt together puts them back as a top group. I’ve not heard the other 2 guys but this looks like they could be an incredible group.

  2. Jimmy Dunn has a contemporary edge to his voice, but I think he is the strongest vocalist in Perfect Heart now. I have always loved to hear him sing.

  3. Listening to the clips of them, Jimmy Dunn sounds like a contemporary Arthur Rice. With powerhouse singers like Mike Presnell and Matt Felts, this version of Perfect Heart looks to be great. Does anyone know if they are with a label and are they doing a new album?

  4. Does anyone know when they are singing at NQC? I really want to see them. I was a fan of the old group and was concerned when I heard they were back. After seeing this lineup, I’m sure they will be awesome. I love Felts and Presnell. I hope they let Matt keep singing Hide Thou Me. He is incredible. I hope they do an album soon.