21 Letters to the Editor

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  1. Enjoy yourself Daniel. When we can anticipate a full track listing and review? 😀

    • I don’t know!

      • Okay, just wondering. Meanwhile we’ll all head over to Nate’s on Monday for his review…

      • I surely hope I don’t disappoint my readers… 🙂

      • As long as you do a top-to-bottom, painstakingly detailed review with FULL track listing, we won’t be disappointed at all! 😆

  2. You can anticipate it whenever you want, you just might not get it. 😉

    • Hehehe. Good point. 😉

  3. So, Daniel…you & Nate gonna stay over & go to the race at Indy tomorrow? 😉

    • Too late…Daniel’s probably on the road by now. 🙂

      • Yeah…too bad he has to be home to read this.

    • Goodness no! I am firmly opposed to car racing. It sets a bad example for the male drivers of this land.

      (Though the way I put that was facetious, I really am opposed to car racing…)

      • That’s just un-American, my friend. Especially considering where you live…why, it’s just tragic.

        Next thing you know, you’re going to tell me you don’t like hot dogs or apple pie, either.

      • Un-American to dislike a sport which, if imitated pretty much anywhere else, involves breaking the law? 🙂

        I’m actually OK with hot dogs and apple pie, but turkey, stuffing, and gravy are another story!

      • You could say that about almost any sport, pretty much…which is why they’re sports. But, that’s a whole ‘nother discussion for a different day. 🙂

        He he he…other than the fact that you share a name, you & my hubby are polar opposites. Gravy on everything…

      • As a matter of fact, now that you put me up to it, I’ll go ahead and share my views. I don’t think it’s appropriate for Christians to be competitive – in attempting to beat the other side, and really focusing on that, Christian virtues like preferring others above ourselves get tossed out the window.

        Now I have no problem with playing catch with someone, or tennis with a sibling or friend for fun, so long as we’re not keeping score or only doing so very informally. I do play chess, too, but almost invariably, even when I maneuver the other person into a checkmate, I then don’t actually get their king, and promptly checkmate myself.

      • So you’re fine with friendly competition, but baseball *games* and chess *tournaments* are un-Christian? 😉

        Even that can be healthy though, I think, as long as there’s good sportsmanship on both sides. Losing or winning with bad grace is not acceptable of course.

      • Actually, “friendly” isn’t the word I meant. “Casual” is more like it.

        And actually, it’s an important distinction, because I can play my best friend a long, tough tournament chess game, and afterwards, we’re still best friends. We shake hands, say “Man, that was a good one!” and then head to the skittles room to see what we could have done better, maybe over a pizza. So serious competition certainly doesn’t have to be had at the exclusion of friendship. 😀

      • Actually, it’s the competition part I’m opposed to overall – friendly or not, trying to be outdo someone still isn’t preferring them before you.

  4. Well, I am not really a race fan, but the Brickyard and Indy 500 (and for that matter Daytona, Nascar etc.) are professional races. One could argue that stuntmen set a bad example etc. In fact even the new car commercials with the disclaimer about professional drivers on on an enclosed track.

    • “One could argue that stuntmen set a bad example etc.”

      That’s exactly what I do argue, in fact! 🙂

  5. Southern gospel music and 49er football it dosen’t get any better than that.